Special In Every Way…

“…special needs kids are just kids.  Just kids that need moms and dads to love them and take care of them.  To treat them like any other kid.  They are no less deserving of a loving family and parents to take care of them than any other child…”

That’s what Amber over at Skyward Journey said when she wrote about special needs adoption.

And it is so true. Every child deserves a loving family and parents who will take care of them, they need people they can depend on to support them, teach them, guide them, help them through life; special needs or not.

Kaleigh needs such a family too.

Can you picture this lovely girl with a beautiful bow in her hair, a pretty little dress, laughing, running at full speed towards mum & dad?

She is an orphan who is special in every way… she has Down Syndrome and just looking at her, i know she has a wonderful personality just waiting to shine. She needs a mummy and daddy who would help her shine, help her show off how special she truly is.

Unfortunately, she lives in a country where her extra chromosome is considered a burden rather than a hidden blessing waiting to be discovered. So what awaits her is life in an adult mental institution for the rest of her life. She could be transferred real soon. She is 4 years old.

But this festive season she has a person she can depend on; her Angel Tree Warrior who is working hard to raise awareness and to raise funds for her adoption grant. See here for more about what her AT warrior has planned.

Would you show Kaleigh a little love by giving towards her adoption grant? It would take anywhere from US$25,000 to US$40,000 or more in paperwork and adoption fees before a family can bring her home. Please go here to donate or click on her name/picture.

Please do also pray for her, for her daily needs to be met and most of all, for her forever family to come for her real soon. Do also share her story so more may know about her and more may help.


PS: Go here to read the whole article i quoted from at the beginning of this post. Special Needs Adoption « Skyward Journey. You can also read about other aspects of special needs adoption there.

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