Giveaway for the Campbells…

The Campbells are a wonderful family who had previously adopted two lovely little gals from China. They are going back for another little one – Maya Grace! God has truly led them to their daughter. You can read a little about that here.

But this adoption has been plagued with issues and problems which has costed them so much extra funds. They are finally near the end. They are travelling on 18th December to bring Maya Grace home; 24th December, Christmas Eve is when they will be allowed to take her with them and be a family together, all 5 of them.

BUT… as i said before… this adoption journey has not been easy. They have had to change hotels at the last-minute, add new transport costs etc… which was all unexpected and is costing them about US$5400 more than they had budgeted for.

So i’m hosting a Giveaway to help them raise those last bits of funds needed.

One of the winners from my previous giveaway (Precious One Giveaway for Wesley) is paying her prize forward. So i’m using it for this one. The other prize in this Giveaway is an item i won from another giveaway.

The Giveaway starts today (12th December) and ends on 18th December when they fly to get Maya Grace.

Here are the prizes:

1) Semi-Precious Stones Charm Bracelet.

A chance to win a Semi-Precious Stones Bracelet. Worth estimated at CHF 60/.
A chance to win a Semi-Precious Stones Bracelet. Worth estimated at CHF 60/.

This was bought a few years ago and the stones have only been taken out to be photographed for this Giveaway. There are 12 stones; from left to right: Moonstone, Rhodolite, Chrysoprase, Dumortierite Quartz, Serpentine, Carnelian, Agate, Aventurine, Blue Quartz, Magnesite,  Onyx and Mother of Pearl. (i had to translate the gems names from German so i hope that they are correct.) They come with postcards which explain the origins and details of each stone (only in German). They are hung on a 925 Silver bracelet, 21 cm long.

2) Custom-stamped 1″ Silver Disc on a Snake Chain, made by Joni Kummer.

Lovely Necklace with a Custom-stamped 1"disc.
Lovely Necklace with a Custom-stamped 1″disc.

This makes a lovely gift for that someone special. She will customise it for you with a choice of your name/word, accent bead and shape stamps.

Here’s how to enter:

Simply contribute towards the Campbells Family Support Page (FSP) here:

Every US$5 gets you 2 entries.

Every share on Facebook or on your blog gets a Free entry.

On 18th December, i will use to generate 2 winning numbers.

Once you have made your contribution or shared this giveaway, simply leave a comment below, stating your name and how much you contributed and the time/date you contributed. i moderate all my comments and can make them private if you do not wish to be listed below.

Live in Switzerland? There are alternative ways to donate and take part. Please leave a comment below with your email, telling me you live in Switzerland and i will contact you.

Please help me to help this family bring their little girl home.

Do share this Giveaway with as many as you can.

Also pray for the Campbell family as they travel the long distance to bring home their little girl; pray for journey’s mercies and for safety within the country they are travelling in, pray for smooth final paperwork and a good trip home.

Thank you very much. Your contributions will make a difference!


7 Replies to “Giveaway for the Campbells…”

  1. amazing though it may seem… I live in Switzerland. 😀 you have my email. Also I think we got a Christmas card from you today – thanks! (we haven’t opened it yet, hence the uncertainty)


    1. Hahhhaa… yes will send you an email in a minute 😀 hmm… the card is not from me… i’m way way behind on writing cards this year… planning to mail out Monday next week…


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