Forget Me Not Fridays…

i joined a blog hop last Friday. It’s called  Forget Me Not Fridays and Jane over at FlightPlatform hosts it.

Bobby has been waiting so long for a family to call his own.

She is a wonderful person; a busy mother of 3 youngsters, wife, home manager and artist, and still she finds time to shout out for orphans who need help. She even makes time (yes, she has to be actually making/manufacturing time cos i don’t know where she gets time to do all that she does 😉 ) to organise people to run and sell her art for her causes .

One of Jane’s causes is Orphanage 50. She is helping to raise funds to build a happy home for children of that orphanage. The foundations are being laid at the moment for this second happy home (she had already helped to raise for the first one). You can find out more and take part in her 50 for 50 Fundraiser here.

Her heart is for one special little guy, Bobby who lives at Orphanage 50. Her cry is for his mum and dad to come and bring him home. Please join her, join us in prayer for Bobby and in sharing Bobby‘s story far and wide so that his forever family may be found. Your contribution to Bobby‘s adoption grant would also help his forever family reach him faster when they do come for him. Click on his name or picture to find out more and donate.

i love the message in this video;

you are NOT strong enough BUT GOD IS! So lean on Him!

Thanks to Kristi Kerr at OneChildOneVoice for making and sharing this wonderful video.

That’s what we are all doing when we keep shouting out for these orphans with special needs, when we try to build awareness for these ones who would otherwise be left behind, when we fundraise for these precious ones. We lean on God. Because we can shout till our throats are sore and hoarse but people will not hear unless God moves their hearts. So we pray hard as well as yell loud.

So join us and remember Jane’s Bobby, my little Heath, my sweet Wesley, my lovely Heather (her page is offline as she is waiting for paperwork to clear so her family, the Daultons, can bring her home.), and the many many more orphans in this world. You can read more about some of them at Jane’s blog hop here (she has so very kindly included Wesley as a regular feature on her friday posts – Thanks so much Jane!) and on the Reece’s Rainbow website.

Leaning on God.


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