One… It Matters to This One…

One is still a drop in the ocean.  Truly, a drop.  But this one?  This little drop?  Well, he has already has sent ripples…nay, SHOCKwaves, out from where he has dropped in our family.  It has rocked our lives…and it is rocking the lives of others.  We have watched as the community around us and at large has rippled out from one little life.  Just one.  We’ve already seen people hear about our one and become inspired to do something, to give, to cry out, to change…just because of one (who isn’t even home yet!)
And so one drop…becomes two.  And two becomes four.  And suddenly, a downpour.
Because of one.

This was what Musing Mama wrote as she spoke about the orphan crisis, as she described how the one little orphan they are trying to bring home has affected them and how that one can become two, two become four and then it is raining all over.

You can be that one drop of rain. You can add to your one single effort with the efforts of so many others and make a difference to one orphan today.

i ask you to make a difference to this one; his name is Asher.

Asher is such a cutie and he is waiting for his forever family.

Asher will be 4 years old in a few months. He currently lives in an orphanage but there is a likelihood that he will be transferred to an adult mental institution on or soon after his 4th birthday. That is no place for a child who is described as very sweet, calm and inquisitive, whose only “fault” (if it can be called that) is having Down Syndrome.

He is meant to be with a loving family, running around in the park, asking mummy for a snack before dinner, making his big brother or sister help him build a fort, handing daddy tools to fix the bookshelf.

Asher‘s Angel Tree Warrior is helping to raise his adoption grant during this festive season. A larger adoption grant would make it easier for his adoptive family to reach him (there is also the possibility of an additional grant for those who qualify). She makes really cute car seat covers, tote bags and crayon rolls and is donating all proceeds during November and December to Asher‘s grant. Please hope over there, have a look and make a purchase.

You can also donate directly to Asher‘s grant by click on the Donate button on his profile page. Click on his name or picture to go to his profile page.

Please also share Asher‘s story and pray for him, for his daily needs and for his forever family to come for him.


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