Seeing and Hearing Clearly…

This photo was updated in 2011. Such big beautiful blue eyes with such wonderful potential.

That’s what this little guy would like – i think… but i know that what he wants most, what he needs most is a loving family. A family to call his own, a family who would call him their son, their brother, a family who would help him to see clearly the beauty of life and hear well the sounds of joy.

This little guy’s name is Beckett. He is 3 years old and lives in an institute. His special needs are some vision loss in one eye and some hearing loss in one ear. He has NO other special needs. He is otherwise healthy!

How many of you have heard of or even seen with your own eyes, visually impaired or  hearing impaired persons living a full life? We all know that these are minor, treatable special needs in light of today’s advance medicine.

But without a caring family to encourage him, to support him in his minor medical needs, Beckett may never have the opportunity to live that full life.

Please pray for Beckett that his forever family finds him. Pray that his daily needs are met.

Please share his story so that his adoptive family might notice and come for him.

This is an updated photo – 2012. Can you see that little spark has lessen? This boy needs his family to come for him today.

Have you ever considered that maybe you could be the one to give this little guy just that opportunity in life? An opportunity to have a family? Are you his family? If this thought ever occurred to you, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for more details.

Having enough funds or a lack of funds is always a factor in adoptions, especially in international adoptions which can costs up to US$45,000, depending on the country and region. So i also would like to appeal to you to help grow Beckett‘s adoption grant. A bigger grant means less of an obstacle for his family to reach him. Click on his name or his picture to get to donate button.

Thank you very much.


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