For My Mother…

i recently attended a webinar on poetry so i thought i try my hand at writing a poem for my mum on mother’s day.

Daisy, her name that is
Always there for us is she
In ups and downs, her constant love, on it we depend
Steadfast, always ready to catch us she is
You ask who is this she

My dearest mother she is
You see the very best is she

Makes wonderfully yummy food she does
Organised, at home and at work, always is she
Thankful for the many things i learned from her i am
Humble; always putting others before self is she
Ever ready to keep trying; tenacious she is
Repay her for years of dedicated care, forever try i will

mothersday20200510Thank you, Mummy, for everything!
Words are not enough.

Your beloved daughter

Readers’ Choice Award…

A little over 3 weeks ago, i signed up for the Summer Writing Contest hosted by The Write Practice and Short Fiction Break. Submission dateline has come and gone. Now the waiting begins as the judges read and review well over 300 entries.

thephotoalbumNEWBut the contest organisers have been wonderful in giving YOU, the reader of stories, a chance to vote for your favourite story. Not all the entries are listed because people could opt out of being listed for the Readers’ Choice Award, however, i have been told that at least 95% of the stories written for the Summer Writing Contest are listed.

So head over HERE to see a list of the stories and vote for your favourite. My story, entitled The Photo Album, is listed as the 16th story from the bottom of the list. Here’s a direct link to my story. i believe you only have till this weekend to vote. Please vote for The Photo Album if you like my story. Thanks very much.

Happy reading!


Summer Writing Contest 2019…

i have not talked about my writing in a long while, mainly because i have not written anything new that i feel i can show. So i have joined a summer writing contest to get my butt in gear and get my writing up another level.

summerwritecontest20190527The contest is hosted by The Write Practice; it has a constraint and a word limit (which i am finding very difficult to keep within), all of which makes things very interesting.

But the part i like most about the contest is that they require that your piece of writing be workshopped before it can be submitted to judges. And they provide that online workshop space through their writing community platform. It is fellow-contestants who help to crit your work during the workshop period so they try to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

Sounds interesting? Care to join me? You can check it out here.