1st Writers’ Retreat…

In April, i went for my first writers’ retreat and got to write an article for it in our SCBWI (Society for Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) Swiss Chapter Newsletter. Here it is with some accompanying pictures:


My first Writer’s Retreat with some fabulous fellow-creatives was definitely an inspiration and encouragement to keep on writing.

The place was a quaint little Swiss hotel, run by some lovely people, who catered to all our needs. And because SCBWI was already there before, it felt just a tiny bit like family. The rooms were simple but clean and very nice. I love the sense of history in the place, especially the beautiful landing with its vintage furniture, which joins the two wings. The food was excellent, it took some willpower not to overeat.

The weather was amazingly inviting, sunny and bright all weekend, which made the gorgeous views even more spectacular; making the mountains and lake really sing.

Elisabeth and Monika have done superbly, finding this truly stunning place.

Have I used enough superlatives to tempt you to come for the next one yet? No?

Well, here’s more.

1stwritersretreat2018aI did not tell many people I was going for a writer’s retreat. I mean, what would they think? “Can’t you just write anywhere?” That’s what we hear most often about a writer’s work, isn’t it? “Oh, all you need is a desk, just sit and write, correct?”

On the one hand, that may be true, to a certain extent. But on the other hand, there is something to be said about having someone else, sitting across from you, facing similar struggles, trying to get that bestseller from brain to paper – and it’s called camaraderie or some prefer community.

We helped each other solve plot problems, we encouraged each other, giving constructive feedback, we shared our creative pains and we took refreshing walks which led to unexpected little adventures (one involving a little black lamb – go ask the participants for details).

All that sharing gave me a new perspective and insight into my craft, which I would, otherwise, not have gained if I just sat at my own desk all the time. I am so glad I took this opportunity to be with and hear from other creatives.

To quote The Write Practice, “We need each other. We need encouragement and kindness as we struggle against the forces of unkindness in this world, and the worlds we imagine. We need community like we need cold, refreshing water on a hot, summer day.”

So thank you all for being such an awesome community. See you at the next event.


So what do you think of my article?

Do you write? If you write for children, or are thinking of diving into the world of children’s books, i highly recommend joining a community like SCBWI!


#7DWC – Done!…

i did it! i finished the 7-Day-Writing-Challenge i started last week.

7dwc_DONE20180131Ok. Now i did not write every day and i did not meet the word goal most days BUT… i wrote 6 days out of 7, wrote about 3500 words (give or take a few) of the required 7000 and edited more than half my novel! i would say that is not bad at all and would even call it a triumph 😉

i didn’t think much about it when i started this challenge, i did it on a whim. However, it has been great to see so many people doing it and encouraging each other daily to keep writing in spite of lack of time and sleep, and even in difficult circumstances (some of which were quite hard and sad), people were writing.

Doing this challenge has enabled me to edit half my novel, which has given me the boost i needed to push ahead and get it done and then onto crit groups we will go 😀

So if you are thinking about writing, don’t think – just do it! Join a challenge like this or better still join a writing group. If a group is not your thing, find a writing bubby. i know that my writing bubby has been the one who keeps me writing and i hope i have helped her too. And it is lovely to have someone to bounce ideas off, someone to pull you out of the dumps if you fall.

Keep Calm and Write On!


7 Day Writing Challenge…

So in keeping with bringing the theme of writing back to this blog and to get my story, which i have been working on, off and on, for the last couple of years, finished, i joined the 7 Day Writing Challenge by The Write Practice.

7-day-creative-writing-challengei have been lurking at The Write Practice for a few years now and like reading the articles but i have not taken part in anything. i am hoping that taking part in this challenge will give me the push i need to finally finish this story i have been writing, or at least get it to a stage where i am happy to have others read it.

The challenge is to write something, everyday, for 7 days, and therefore forming a writing habit. And of course, as with any writing challenge, there is a word count goal, 1000 words a day. Doesn’t sound like a lot. It is totally doable. i know because when i do Nanowrimo, the daily goal is something like 1600.

Now it is Day 3 of the challenge. i met the writing goal on Day 1 and fell off the wagon on Day 2 (meeting just half the goal). i haven’t written anything for Day 3 yet (unless you count this blog post). But i am still feeling good about the challenge.

The Write Practice sends daily pep-talk emails and here is my favourite quote so far:

“Being a good writer is 3% talent,
97% not being distracted by the Internet.”

How true that is! Hahha… So the idea is to write, write, write…

Wish me luck! Or better yet, ask me over the next few days, “How’s the writing going?”.

Thanks very much.