… we do that all the time. We hope for the sun to shine. We hope that the roast won’t burn. We hope for the day to go well. We hope for our loved ones to be safe. We hope for the future of our children.


…that’s what this little 8-year girl has been doing for the last 4 years and is still doing now. She is hoping; hoping for a family to come and make her their very own little girl.

A sweet 8-year-old gal, waiting for her forever family.

Meet Jessi – she lives in a children’s home in Africa and is HIV+. She is such a beautiful girl, isn’t she? i look into those eyes and just know that she could do so much in her life if given the right opportunities. Opportunities she would not have if she remains at the children’s home.

Her condition is so treatable, so manageable. Yes it will be a challenge to adopt an older child but this doesn’t mean that it can not be done. It takes a willing heart; a willingness to give lots and expect little returns, a compassionate heart which can care and care some more, and a determination to see a child reach her full potential. Of course, not forgetting a very important aspect (at least to me) – prayer, lots of prayer, for and with the child.

Would you join me prayer for pretty Jessi? Pray for her daily needs, her medical needs and most of all, pray for a loving family to come for her.

Are you thinking about adding to your family? Would you consider the possibility of adding Jessi to your family?

Jessi has a very small grant at the moment. It is estimated that the total costs of adopting her would be between US$22,000 to US$26,000 – i call the costs of an international adoption: a ransom for a child. Donating to her grant today would get her more attention and help her forever family reach her faster. Do consider contributing to her grant, click on her name or photo to go to her profile page to donate.

Thank you very much.


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