Developing Our Heart for God…

…that is the title of an article i read a few months ago…

It talked briefly about the influences Greek scholars and Socratic thinking had on the 3rd and 4th century churches have affected the way we relate to God.

These influences encouraged focus on the intellectual and have became so deep-rooted in our basic thinking that it has also swayed our relationship with God from one of intimacy and power to one where mere knowledge plays a bigger role. It has shifted our priorities, causing us to neglect the building of close relationship which can change lives.

The concluding lines of that article (read full article here) states

We must listen and respond with the heart. Whatever service we give to God should be a result of our relationship with our heavenly Father, not an end unto itself.

And one form of service i have been actively involved in is advocating for orphans with special needs (please click here for more posts on these orphans).

Today is Teamwork Tuesday where we, advocates, shout out about one particular child, in hopes that such concerted efforts would bring the child more notice and help find their forever family.

3-year R.J. waits for his forever family to come for him.

Meet R.J.

He is such a handsome little guy. See those wonderfully soulful eyes. He is 3 years old and we have been told that he would be transferred to an adult mental institution quite soon. After transfer, his chances of getting adopted would diminish, it may even disappear all together.

Reece’s Rainbow (an advocate website) wasn’t even given enough information to be able to start an adoption grant for him (no donation button). Once he is transferred, information would be even harder to get.

Please don’t let R.J. disappear. Please pray for him and share his story so his family can find him today. Click on his name or picture to see his profile on Reece’s Rainbow.

Responding with heart,


4 Replies to “Developing Our Heart for God…”

    1. Thanks so much Char… thanks for always being so supportive & encouraging… thanks for reading & commenting… i greatly appreciate & enjoy sharing blogsphere with you 🙂


      1. Same! I shared your site with my friend who did the Reeces RAinbow post around Valentines on my site. She was so excited you are working on it, and shared another site with me of someone helping someone in this area get an orphan. I’ll have to post it soon.


      2. Thanks for sharing my blog… i think it was that Valentine post which started my journey with special needs orphans – do thank your friend for me… i look forward to that new post u r talking about…


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