Fulfilling A Birthday Wish…

Today is all about fulfilling the birthday wish of a fellow prayer warrior over at Reece’s Rainbow. Her name is Lynn and her heart is for special needs orphans, in particular the ones from an orphanage we know only as Orphanage 42. So her wish is that on this day, her 42nd birthday, we would help her to highlight all the children who are up for adoption from Orphanage 42. And this is exactly what i will be doing here…


Meet Simeon. He’s a lovely little boy, almost 5 years old, with dark hair and big brown eyes. He is significantly delayed, and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. But a family who managed to visit him in 2011 said this, ““Simeon” is barely responsive to stimuli, but I believe that could change if he received regular, loving attention…” He is also said to be a calm child.


Here’s 4-year old Presley. Isn’t he just a cutie?! He is a very happy and affectionate child. He is mildly delayed cognitively, but he does have leukemia. He needs a loving family who can support him and help him thrive and take care of his medical needs.


This is sweet Haven. She is 6 years old and is said to be afraid of strangers. But i know the right family environment can lead her out of her shell and she will blossom. She has significant medical needs (celiac disease, CP, toxic Hepatitis, hypotrophy of III stage), so much more is her need for a caring family.


Meet Chase. He would be turning 5 in a month’s time and really needs a family to help him navigate this big wide world. Seeing his handsome face, i just know there is a wonderful boy waiting to come out. His medical needs are as follows: obvious mental delay, poor understanding, almost does not speak, nervous, not even-tempered.


Here’s Ivan. He’s only 4 and a half and will face going to an institution soon (likely an adult mental institution), where he will likely be bedridden for the rest of his life. He has the potential to be so much more, he just needs a family to support him and the right therapy. His medical records indicate:  Cerebral Palsy, muscle spasticity, and significant psycho-motor delay.  He is not able to walk at this time.


Lovely Darina is almost 5 years old and faces going to an institution soon and, like Ivan, will be bedridden for life if she is not adopted. But she could do so well in a loving family, despite her many medical conditions, which are as follows: congenital brain abnormality, atopic-astenic syndrome, delay of mental and motor development, microcephaly, hip dysplasia, congenital isotropy of both eyes, koch valga to the left (foot position).

All these lovely children will have a chance at a better life if they had a family who would care for them, love them and give them the positive encouraging environment which all of us need to raise to the challenge of living a full life. Are you their family? 

Maybe you are not ready to adopt. But you can still do a little to help these children. You can donate to their adoption grant (a bigger grant means that their forever family can reach them faster). Just click on their pictures to go to their profile page which contains a donation button.

You can also pray for them. Pray for their daily needs to be met and most importantly for their family to find them asap. You can share their stories so that more will know and you never know who reads it and passes it along and then along the way, their forever mummy/daddy would spot them and come for them.

They have no voice to speak for themselves. We need to speak for them.

Do also remember my little Heath and my lovely Heather as you pray for, advocate for and donate to these orphans.


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