Ready for Spring?…

So 2 weeks ago, i gave the little Blue Cedar (right), the Hydrangeas (top left) and the English Lavender (bottom left) their Spring haircut. What do you think?

Here’s a look at what else had already bloomed in my garden…

Spring sort of hit us, it was not a gradual thing this year. A friend commented that it was like someone flipped a switch and we went from winter to spring instantly. And my poor boys (big and little) are both suffering from serious allergies.

Wishing you a beautiful Spring!


My Garden…

i thought i just share a few pictures of my little garden… Enjoy!

Top: Planted a mini Blue Cedar, along with some Dahlia buds and some purple and white Campanula (i think that’s what they are called), in April. Bottom: Added some Maybells to the plot in May.
One of the Dahlia buds finally sprouted! About 4 weeks after planting. Still waiting for the other one to come up.
Top: i was given some mini Pumpkin plants at the end of April. Bottom: that is what they look like today 😉
Finally, some pretty wild flowers growing under our pear tree. i don’t know the names of these flowers. Maybe someone could enlighten me?


Enjoying Spring…

We sprung forwards one hour yesterday, which means Spring Time has began! So add a little spring in your step and enjoy Spring and the wonderful sunshine it brings! 😀 Here’s some lovely flowers to help you along the way.

Don't know what the yellow flower is called but that tree is always the first to flower after Winter. The white one is a wild flower called Snowdrop, also the first to poke it's head out after the cold.