Running Away From vs Running Towards…

Just the other night, we watched the last hour of a movie called The Namesake. It is one of those movies which i like to call a movie with heart; a movie which speaks about issues of the heart.

The main character is Gogol and the story follows his growing up as the son of Indian immigrant parents in New York city. It’s a story of tradition verse modern; of family-first verse self-first.

Out of that one hour, one line stayed with me. Gogol marries a beautiful woman of the same culture. They were (or seemed so) madly in love. On their way to his mother’s annual Christmas party, he finds out his wife cheated on him. Her excuse was, “I saw myself becoming my mother.”

She apparently had lots of lovers before and is as unconventional as Gogol’s mother is traditional. But her many lovers have brought her no satisifaction. Neither had her career or lack of. Or her previous engagement to an American which was called off at the last minute.

Feet, are you ready to run?

She was running away from… from being her mother, from becoming that stay at home submissive wife; the traditional image of what might be a good wife. But she did not know where she was running to. She only knew she had to run away.

That is what struck me. If i am always running away without direction, then i will get lost. i felt that if she had a direction, a goal to run towards, such as ‘when i make partner, i will be ready to be a mother.’ or ‘i will always put my family first.’, then maybe she would not have drifted into the affair or even chosen to marry Gogol.

My point is that running towards a dream is better than running away from a nightmare. Don’t you agree?

i have a dream i’m running towards now. My dream is to be a published writer. What is your dream?


PS: i hope to get the movie so i can watch it from the beginning and may even do a movie review. It is originally a novel so i may get that as well and do a book/movie review? Maybe.

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