i am broken-hearted… These children need us… they need someone to show them love, to show them that there are people who care for them, that their world should not be endless day after endless day of nothing… please read and help in whatever small way you can… my heart in particular goes out to Heath… if my situation allowed, i would be there to take him out of that institution and home with us… but all i can do for now is to let the world know that he exists and he needs help and pray that our good Lord will bring him a loving family who will care and shower him with love and attention he so badly needs, may our Lord Jesus Christ himself and His angels attend to Heath’s needs (in every aspect) till that loving family can reach him…
Read also http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/search/label/Lost%20Boys
where you can read about how one family managed to save one of these little ones…

Joy in the Moments

Valentine’s Day is coming up…a time to celebrate love.  Today I’m turning the floor over to my friend, Aubrey, for a guest post on how to spread that love in a way that will make a difference to those in need.  Take it away, Aubrey.

Reece's Rainbow 2012-p005

This February millions of dollars will be spent on candy, cards, or flowers.  Within days, these gifts will be forgotten or thrown away.  Much like these gifts, hundreds of children around the world have been forgotten and “thrown away” based solely on the fact that they have Down Syndrome.

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The danger of trying to please God

Being a Christian is not an issue of doing but being… you don’t do this or that and viola! You are a Christian!

No, being a Christian is about being… being who God created us to be – His Child!

God loves us. Period. God loves each and every single human being who ever lived, who is living now, who will live in the future. The Good, The Bad, The Rich, The Poor and everyone in between.

Tobias at 5 months
Just as you look at this baby and can't help but love him, so God looks at you and can't help but love you, just for being you.

Like a parent looks at his/her child and loves the child, just because he/she is his/her child. It is the same with God. We just have to be His Child. We have to accept our position as His and His alone.

Just as a parent wishes and is most pleased when a child is obedient, so God is glad when we obey His Commandments. But it is not our obeying which makes Him love us, just as it’s not the child’s obedience which triggers a parent’s love. The parent loves the child even before the child is able to obey.

So here’s the order it should go in… at least, here’s the order i believe it should go in:

God Loves Us. We accept His Love; accept that we are His Children – this is Faith. Then we respond in Love, and this is where Obedience to His Word comes in and following the leading of His Holy Spirit and the rest, they say, is HIStory 😉

Sounds easy? Well, its way harder in reality because we have our human natures working against us. The human nature which says that if we do not do, then we are not moving forward and moving forward is very important. It says if we do not do, then we are not. False.

What is true is that we are, simply, because God made us to be… to be His, for His Glory, to worship Him and live in harmony with Him and the wonderful plans He has for us. And we are not helpless, He sent us His Spirit to guide us; all we have to do is listen and follow.

Below is the article which inspired these thoughts.

The danger of trying to please God | Rick Thomas.

i know i have reduced it to rather simplistic terms but in my mind that’s how i got it worked out.


PS: i’m not the “Sandra” in the article… in case u misunderstand, but i am (to borrow a friend’s words) a recovering people-pleaser.

PPS: That cutie in the photo is my beloved son at 5 months. 😀