Birthday – The Hubby aka Daddy…

Today is Walter’s birthday!

The first year we were here (before kid), i had gather some church friends and done a fairly big do… after kid, we toned it down and saved the big do for the son. So these days it is normally a quiet celebration at home, where i cook (or i try to) one or two of his favourite dishes and bake a cake and we sing happy birthday – just the 3 of us 🙂

This year, i decided to do a mostly meat meal (he likes his meat) and Tobias decided that we should do cupcakes this year instead of a regular cake. The cupcakes were decorated with mini Smarties to spell… …have a look. Can you make out what they spell?

The Birthday Cake 2012
Ready to blow out the candles
Reading the Giant Card








Well, if you said, Happy Birthday Daddy, you would be right. If not, go get your eyes checked! i can recommend a great optician. hehhehehhee… kidding…

Tobias also made a card, or should i say a Giant Card, which is really a big sheet of paper with drawings of his and the words, “Happy Birthday Daddy. Love Tobias. I love you.”.

Daddy also got a funky cool watch as a present.

(i forgot to take a photo of it so here’s a link to an online shop which sells it.)

Happy Birthday My Dear! Life would definitely be less interesting without you in it. Thank you for choosing to spend the rest of your birthdays with me and son. Luv ya lots.


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