The Back of the Bus Syndrome…

We, me & the little guy, take public transport very often. The Swiss Transport network is great, connections are good, buses, trains & boats are 98% of the time right on schedule. We love it!

Today on the way home, i noticed it. i’m sure i have seen it before but the thoughts just never came to the forefront of my mind. The back of the bus syndrome exists here too!!!

Back in Singapore (homeland), this has been the bane of bus-drivers for donkeys of years; people simply refuse to move to the back of the bus. As if the back of the bus was a most terrible place to be. As if being at the back of the bus was some form of punishment. As if the back of the bus was haunted. i even remember a time when the bus company sent staff members to be on duty at bus stops at peak hours to request firmly but politely that people move to the back. Sometimes the bus driver would yell down the aisle for people to move back so that more people could get on.

No one at the back?
The Back of the Bus Syndrome

See this photo – i took this tonight on the way home. We were sitting in the very last row of the bus (T loves to sit there cos it’s high up) & right in front of us are 5… that’s right, count it! 5 empty seats (there’s one hidden in the left bottom corner)!! But look – everyone is bunched up at the door. & these people didn’t even get off when we got off. They had to step out of the bus, let us & other alighting passengers off, then get back on the bus again.

i will never understand this. Do you? Do you have The Back of the Bus Syndrome where you live?

syc – amused šŸ˜‰

9 Replies to “The Back of the Bus Syndrome…”

    1. i giggle at it too – it’s stumps me as to the reason why this exists… hehheee
      Thanks so much for the nomination! It’s lovely to be nominated! Stop by again soon.


  1. Yes I do, somehow I’ve become brainwashed that it’s where the cool people sit! But the rule only applies when you are in school, because strange people sit in the back on public transportation. You’ve been warned!lol


    1. Hahhahaa… yes remember those school days when the “cool” kids sat at the back… & true again there are some unusual people who sit at the back as well… i had to teach my little guy not to point & ask weird questions loudly about strangers on the bus/train…


  2. Where I live, Phoenix, AZ., There is public transportation but nothing like European mass transit. I love taking the bus, metro or train when I am traveling. Here at home, not so much. The routes never seem to go where I need. Tell me how this works…The bus would take me to work, but no route back home? Weird! The back of the bus syndrome is probably caused by people wanting a quick exit.


    1. Yes i understand that public transport is not as efficient in North America. i was in Canada for holiday previously & tried to take the bus – it was hard to figure out when the buses came – the 1st day we walked more than 25mins to get to the bus terminal, near a big shopping centre! i guess the car ownership rate is so high that there is no motivation for the public transport to improve.
      Agreed. People do wanna get off quickly but if your stop is not within the next 2, i really don’t see the need to crowd the entrance/exit… but that’s just me i guess… hehhehee… Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again.


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