The Back of the Bus Syndrome…

We, me & the little guy, take public transport very often. The Swiss Transport network is great, connections are good, buses, trains & boats are 98% of the time right on schedule. We love it!

Today on the way home, i noticed it. i’m sure i have seen it before but the thoughts just never came to the forefront of my mind. The back of the bus syndrome exists here too!!!

Back in Singapore (homeland), this has been the bane of bus-drivers for donkeys of years; people simply refuse to move to the back of the bus. As if the back of the bus was a most terrible place to be. As if being at the back of the bus was some form of punishment. As if the back of the bus was haunted. i even remember a time when the bus company sent staff members to be on duty at bus stops at peak hours to request firmly but politely that people move to the back. Sometimes the bus driver would yell down the aisle for people to move back so that more people could get on.

No one at the back?
The Back of the Bus Syndrome

See this photo – i took this tonight on the way home. We were sitting in the very last row of the bus (T loves to sit there cos it’s high up) & right in front of us are 5… that’s right, count it! 5 empty seats (there’s one hidden in the left bottom corner)!! But look – everyone is bunched up at the door. & these people didn’t even get off when we got off. They had to step out of the bus, let us & other alighting passengers off, then get back on the bus again.

i will never understand this. Do you? Do you have The Back of the Bus Syndrome where you live?

syc – amused 😉