What Is True Spirituality?

Church & Cross
Church & Cross on the edge of a cliff, Mt Pilatus, Switzerland

Being spiritual is something i have heard about far too often. i never really wanted to be too spiritual or have spirituality cos it always seemed so daunting to me; so much to need to live up to. When i think of a spiritual person, i think of people like Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa & pastors & leaders who have left their footprints in my life. i think of people who speak of big things & do great things. So little old me would never be a candidate for being a spiritual person. Or so i thought.

This article has changed that view. i don’t have to be charismatic or  know everything about the Bible or have a fantastic vision to be spiritual or have true spirituality – i simply need to do what the Bible tells me to do; share the Love of God with the people i know, not just the Words of God but the practical love of God.

What Is True Spirituality? – Tullian Tchividjian.

The most critical point which the article highlights is that True Spirituality looks outward, not inward. It’s not about how much time i spend reading the Bible or the time i spend praying or listening to sermons. This is not to say these things are not important, they are. But what good is knowing the Bible inside out when your neighbour next door really needs a babysitter so he/she can go to work & support the family & i do nothing but nod & smile or talk about the Bible. Why not lend a helping hand? Showing them care & concern in ways which are tangible to them. i can pray & pray but if i do not avail myself to be the answer to my prayers for my loved ones & friends, i may just missed out on the opportunity to be a blessing to them & know what True Spirituality is.


3 Replies to “What Is True Spirituality?”

  1. Well said, and very true.
    Love is a verb – Charity is an act.
    They don’t have to remain as unseen concepts,
    beautiful though they be, they need to be tried and tested.

    When the Spirit moves us, we should react in kind.
    Peace to you today, UT 🙂


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