More seriousness…

Tobias has been serious about another activity besides his new passion with the guitar…

He’s been going for Judo training since February & he loves it!! He looks forward to every training & would even endure having his fingernails & toenails cut (they have to be short for the training sessions) Having his nails, especially toenails, cut, are a big thing for him, he’s very sensitive & says it feels very painful to have them cut (i never cut too close) – but that’s a whole other post.

Anyhow, so it has been more than 6 months since he started & he is still loving it so i though i share a couple of pictures since he just got his Judoki (the Judo ‘uniform’ – for lack of a better term). You can only wear the Judoki once you have finished your 1st 6 months & have interest to continue & be a member of the Dojo.

Here is he looking very serious as they sit for their greetings:

Here he is in action (i know a little blur – blame it on a not so great point-n-shoot cam):


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