I’m Very Serious…

That’s what Tobias said when i asked him how serious is he about learning to play the guitar 😉

He has been talking about wanting to play for a while now. While we were in Singapore, Daddy had said that maybe we could get a guitar for him from there – likely cheaper than over here in Switzerland. But we got caught up with meeting family & friends & of cos all the amazing foods that we didn’t get round to buying one there.

So he was a little disappointed to be leaving SG without one. But i told him, maybe we’ll find one in Switzerland.
The week before Aldi (one of only 2 German supermarkets in Switzerland) had a special on a guitar – just CHF75/. – i though that’s cheap – we should go see. So we hopped over (there’s an Aldi just next to where we live) to have a look last Friday evening. Tobias was very excited! BUT… it was not the right size – it was an adult full-size guitar & Walter felt if we bought that, Tobias would not manage to hold it properly & was hinder him from learning. So we didn’t buy. Needless to say, the little guy was very very disappointed now! Near to tears that he could not get a guitar.

That’s how we came to go shopping for a guitar for him the very next day & we bought one – a shiny brand-new one for …. (wait for it…) CHF… (can you guess how much?)… CHF355! i thought it was very expensive but Walter says this is Switzerland and it is a good one so…

Here’s our happy little camper with his new musical instrument:

See it is a child-size one…The one on the right is Daddy’s.

Here he is having lessons with Daddy:

He is finding it very painful to keep pressing so hard on the strings but Daddy says he has to keep at it till his fingers are used to it & then no more pain. i encouraged him, saying,”Remember what Tigeress in KungFu Panda said, she kept hitting the tree till she doesn’t feel anything anymore. That’s how she became awesome. So you have to keep pressing.”

Watching movies does help parenting – hehehhee;)

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