On a Roll Here…

Hehehhee… indeed i’m on a roll here… 3 posts in one day… never done before!! 😉
Ok that’s enough!

i thought i would post something related to just US – that’s Walter & Sandra.

We celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary yesterday & since we did go out to celebrate (just a simple meal at a typical Swiss Restaurant in our little village) & i’ve never actually officially recorded any of our celebrations (they have been small & private – twice we were in another country), i thought this time i would.

Here we are at the restaurant – not the most flattering photo of us – taken by Tobias 😉 who wasn’t quite sure how to work my camera, which is a little different from his own.

Here’s the yummy food we had – i had Broccoli Cream Soup & Cordon Blue, Walter had Gazpacho & Wood-grilled Meats… (these were taken with my handphone as my point-n-shoot is just crappy in low light):

The food was very good – if anyone comes visiting, we’ll take you there. Everything, except my fries, was homemade & very fresh ingredients were used. It was also very very filling!!

& of cos here’s my cute face – can’t do without a picture of him – he was there after all 😉

To quote a beloved friend:
“(We) survived the 1st-year novelty, 5th-year trial and 7th-year itch! 😀 Looking forward to (the) decade!!”


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