Oh my – i forgot to blog about Father’s Day…

So Father’s Day was 2 weekends ago & i completely forgot to show off what we did this year.
This year’s Father’s Gift (all the kids in church got to make this too) is inspired by Nino, over at Cease Cows, Life is Short. She made Candy Bouquets for her gals’ teacher’s end-of-year gifts – so i follow suit & we made Sweet Bouquets for the dads.

Here’s the sample i made up for the kids to follow (not as full with sweets as it should be but we do have 30 kids & limited budget – so i had to settle for 1 Sweet for Dad & 1 sweet for the kid):

Here’s the one which Tobias made for Daddy – Tobias waited patiently till we got home & Daddy took his sweet before having his own đŸ˜‰

Dads have a most special place in my heart – My Dad is My Hero, My Inspiration!
My husband is my son’s Hero as well – they simply love each other to bits & i simply love watching them love each other.
My hubby is My Strength & i Thank God daily for him.

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