Wrapped up in packing & Our New Toy…

Over the last months, moving & packing has occupied most of my brain cells – in the last week, i have finally managed to kick myself & get started on the actual process of packing – hurray! There is of cos lots more packing to do in the 3weeks to come & then the move & then the unpacking – sigh! Anyone wants to lend a hand? 😉

But now on to things of great fun – we have a new toy 😉 YEP! We finally got ourselves a Wii – we have been eyeing one since it 1st come out but could never part with the amount of money it cost. Last Sat we were out looking for something completely unrelated & saw that there was a special offer – the Wii & Wii Fit bundled together for a good price – so we jumped at it & now are proud owners of a Wii with the WiiFit board & WiiPlay – having great fun with it (it is taking time away from my packing – hehhehee)!

Presenting our Wii:
(notice that great joy on his face)

Here’s father & son having fun with it:

Here’s a video of Tobias playing bowling on Wii:


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