Spring Hols 2017…

So it’s back to school for us this week, after 2 weeks of Spring holidays.

We didn’t do very much this holiday. Our big thing was building a garden seat out of 2 pallets which we saved off the sidewalk last year.


Here’s a picture summary of the process: sawing, sanding, gluing, varnishing and assembly. It took us about 4 to 5 hours in total but we waited in between for better weather and for the glue and varnish to dry. Tobias’ friend came over to help us twice 🙂
The finished product! And it cost about CHF45 for additional support planks, glue, varnish, hinges, and screws. We have 2 different heights for the back support so you can choose a more upright position or a more laidback one 😉

Then there was the Ferienpass (holiday programs from the parent association in our village) in the first week. Tobias visited a bus factory and made a model bus out of metal. He got to spray-paint it and it is a useful pencil-holder. There were other programs he was interested in but they were full. I helped out again at the playgroup Ferienpass program, where we made bunny bags and sang bunny songs (the theme was bunnies because of Easter).


During the second week, we went over to a friend’s and played games for an afternoon, which was great fun. On another day, Tobias went for a movie with his friend, by themselves. i dropped them off and picked them up. They loved it! We got in some squash practice. And of course, Tobias cooked 2 lovely dinners as he always does during holidays.


He cooked his favourite sushi and spaghetti carbonara.

So although it has been a rather quiet-type holiday, compared to our usual, we enjoyed it. Now onto finishing the school year in style 😉



It is ALMOST Christmas… Angel Crafts Shop…

YES! It is… at least the dropping temperatures in recent days have been indicating that Christmas will be upon us soon! YES! 😀

So the Mistletoe and Holly Collection is back up on the front of my online store and there are Christmas Delivery Dates to take note of… see below:


This year i am keeping my new Christmas products under wraps until the Monday before i go for the Living In Luzern Christmas Market on November 28th and 29th. So do stay tuned for my Christmas Reveal post!

And of course, if you are in the area, i do hope to see you at the Christmas Market!


Winner of the Koffermarkt in Basel Draw… Angel Crafts Shop…

On Sunday, i was at the Koffermarkt in Basel with Angel Crafts Shop. It was a lovely sunny day and people come out to shop 🙂

2015-03-15 11.18.24
The table was shared with the Phoenix Trader 🙂

i had a wonderful time, speaking to people about Angel Crafts Shop’s mission to help grow adoption grants of special needs orphans as well as made a good number of sales, which will go to help grow Peterson’s grant.

i also met a Phoenix Trader, which i’m very pleased about cos i love Phoenix cards and they also give to charities every Christmas! There were people there who make pottery, scarves, knit-wear, decorative items, clothes, jams and jewelry. And i had the best cupcakes ever from Just Desserts! i am also happy to have made the acquaintance of people from Compassion – a charity which supports needy children in many developing countries.

Now it is time to announce the winner of the draw:

Susannah Wood

Thank you for taking part in my lucky draw. You will be contacted via email with details on how to collect your prize – a custom-made item of your choice, worth up to CHF20/. 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and said hello and gave me an opportunity to talk your ear off about special needs orphans and of course, thank you for your purchases!

i’ll see you at the next fair!