For My Father…

I continue with exploring poetry, here’s my little Father’s Day Poem for my Dad.

Roland, that is his name
Only he a father i will ever need
Laughter flows as does his corny jokes
Accepting everyone as they are does he
Never gives up, always tries he does
Delicious pork chops his signature dish

My dearest Papa, Thank You
You are the best Daddy a girl can ever want

Fun-loving and generous with his time and talents
Always seeking the silver lining in life
Tender-hearted yet strong he is always
Hardworking, giving his best each and every time
Encouragements he gives always lifts me up
Repay him for his devoted love ever try I will

Thank you Daddy for everything you have done for us.
Happy Father’s Day!

your beloved daughter

i Love My Daddy… Happy Father’s Day…

i usually like to write something which comes from my heart on occasions like Father’s Day. However, today i am going to use borrowed words and images because it strikes such a cord with me.

So to my beloved Daddy & my beloved Husband…


Happy FATHER’s DAY to all fathers, grandfathers and even godfathers!


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#CraftJunkies Link-up Week 45… Angel Crafts Shop…

Father’s Day is just round the corner and i have always felt that fathers are not in the lime light as much as they should be. They are very important people in the lives of children, especially in those critical growing years, for both boys and girls. If you ask me, i would say more vital for girls than for boys to have their dads around as a positive role model; how their dads treat them would be how they expect to be treated as a grown woman.

So for this week’s #CraftJunkies Link-up Week 45 i have chosen possible Father’s Day Gifts!

Here are my 5 picks (please note that these pictures are the copyright of the creators of these crafts, i am simply using them to point you to their wonderful works, click on the pictures to go to the relevant pages):

Does your dad love trucks? This would be perfect!

This sign states the facts, doesn’t it? Dads are Mr. Fix-It in our lives.

Dog Tags are great gifts. Personalised and unique.

Now which father would not like to mark out a space where they can simply do exactly what the sign says 😉

Here’s a gift for sporty fathers – stay hydrated on the go, dads!

Does this give you some idea what to get for your dad? If yes, would you care to share below some of your thoughts?

Hope you get to spend some special time with that all important man in your life; your father. Or you could spend some time remembering those special times, if you, like me, are far from your daddy.