For My Father…

I continue with exploring poetry, here’s my little Father’s Day Poem for my Dad.

Roland, that is his name
Only he a father i will ever need
Laughter flows as does his corny jokes
Accepting everyone as they are does he
Never gives up, always tries he does
Delicious pork chops his signature dish

My dearest Papa, Thank You
You are the best Daddy a girl can ever want

Fun-loving and generous with his time and talents
Always seeking the silver lining in life
Tender-hearted yet strong he is always
Hardworking, giving his best each and every time
Encouragements he gives always lifts me up
Repay him for his devoted love ever try I will

Thank you Daddy for everything you have done for us.
Happy Father’s Day!

your beloved daughter

2 Replies to “For My Father…”

  1. Nice, Sandra. Must say, I was put off by media articles on her and her book to even consider reading it. A lot of the Tigeress mom syndrome I felt and read felt like them trying to achieve their dreams via their children.

    I do tend to feel perhaps the “Chinese” method of parenting sometimes lean on the sense of obligation from their kids. After all, I did so much for you, you better look after me well next time when you grow up..You better this, you better that… And this sense of obligation might extend from the filia piety value passed on from parents.

    Yet, because we live in a society with more Chinese parenting than in the West, we do tend to see more examples of children resenting their parents here. There are stories of how they refuse to have anything to do with them, even if they are old and sickly. The older Chinese would say their attitude is terrible, but I do see that perhaps, they don’t feel it’s their obligation to “do their part” because their dad/mom didn’t do their part as parents.

    I don’t have answers to parenting, I tend to take a more Western and hands-off approach. But that maybe because I live in a multi generational family type and the older generation itself is already extending or pushing some of their values on their grandchildren, while helping to bring them up. I dont see need to repeat it and so keep the balance and harmony for now. I might seem to be “a lazy parent”, perhaps in my MIL opinion but I share your parenting style that if they find something they are interested in, I will support and encourage those interests. I will not impose what techmical skillset they must have in order to succeed in life. The one thing I do and will impose on them is the fear of God and to love him and follow His way according to His Word. The rest of life will follow suit. 🙂


    1. HI Joanne,
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to write such a long comment. Just one question, when you say “her and her book” are you referring to the book The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua?
      i think there is no one way which is the perfect way to parent; every child and every parent is different and there is no manual to follow, not really. We just all do our best to be the best parents we can be and of course, we pray for the Lord to guide us and help us. That’s all i think we can and should do.
      Agreed on the teaching the kids about God and loving Him and living His Word.
      Take care ❤


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