OMG… He’s Inching Closer…

Yep, my boy is most definitely getting closer to the four-letter word… T-E-E-N… He celebrated his 11th Birthday last week!

This year he decided to go for a big party – or at least what passes for a big party in these parts – he invited 10 friends to a bowling center for a wonderful time. Last year, he opted for an intimate water adventure with just 2 friends.

Here are some pictures to share the event with you:

Here he is, at home, before the party, with the cupcakes and presents (these are from us and his grandparents and uncle).
This is the bowling center near our place. It’s not glam or big but enough with 6 lanes, and other arcade games as well as billiards/pool. Actually, there were 2 other birthday celebrations the same day we were there!
The kids enjoying the various games; TopLeft: Pinball, TopRight: Air Hockey, BottomLeft: Bowling, of course, and BottomRight: Ice Hockey.
The gang πŸ™‚
And here’s our traditional birthday shot – the 3 of us, celebrating Tobias’ birthday in our new home πŸ˜‰

The kids had great fun and i had a relaxing time, watching them play and laugh and having a good time. Tobias is already planning for next year’s party.

Yikes! i still can’t wrap my head around the idea that my baby will be hitting “some-teen” in 2 years!

Sigh! i guess that what kids do, isn’t it? They grow up. πŸ™‚



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