Orphan of the Month for October – Angel Crafts Shop…

Orphan of the Month for October is Addie!

She – yes she is a girl. i know the orphanage haircut in the picture makes it difficult to immediately see what a pretty girl she is. But she is all girl.

Addie is very artistic and loves to paint. She is said to be smart, outgoing and inquisitive. She is good at expressing herself and loves to communicate. She writes and recites poems, likes playing with kids and listening to music. She has all the makings of a wonderful daughter, don’t you agree?

However, Addie will never get the chance to be a daughter if she is not adopted by September 2015! That’s in less than a year!!

Her special need is post-op Spina Bifida. She may not be able to use her lower limbs but her hands are very flexible and she has normal mental development.

Her adoption grant with Reece’s Rainbow is less than US$5 at the moment. i would like to get that up to double digits by the end of October. Would you help me?

Simply make a purchase at AngelCraftsShop and Addie will receive 50% of all sales in her grant. A larger grant might get her noticed and help her family find her.

Click on her name or picture to find out more about her and the possible agency grant waiting for her forever family. Do SHARE her story so more people can help her. And PRAY for her well-being and for a family to step forward for her.

Thank you very much.


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