Your Contributions Making a Difference…

It’s time to look back at the last 3 months and how your purchases from Angel Crafts Shop has helped some precious orphans grow their adoption grants.

Lolita was the Orphan of the Month for both July and August because everyone was on summer holidays and no one shopped during July. We sold US$34 worth of items during those two months. So Lolita‘s grant grew by US$17.

Cody was the Orphan of the Month for September. We sold US$66 worth of items last month. So US$33 was given to Cody‘s grant, which takes his grant into double digits.

Please do continue to PRAY for both Lolita and Cody; pray for their well-being and for their respective forever families to come for them. Do also SHARE their stories so more people may help them.

Thank you so very much for all your support.

Please continue to shop at Angel Crafts Shop; share Angel Crafts Shop and how a little shopping can help grow an orphan’s adoption grant. You and your family and friends can play a small part in helping bring an orphan closer to a forever home.

The Orphan of the Month for October is Addie! Read more about her here.

Thank you.


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