Ended – Mother’s Precious Pearl Giveaway…

Our Mother’s Precious Pearls Giveaway has ended!

We have had only 7 people, whom we know of, who shared and/or gave towards JASPER‘s and JASON‘s adoption grants. Out of those 7, only 3 have commented to take part in the giveaway. We raised a total of US$24.30 for both boys.

Even though that number seems small, i’m still happy we ran the giveaway. i’m aware that there is very likely lots of other shares which we were not able to see – i’m not sure why – maybe just the way Facebook is set up. And i know people who shared but did not want a thank you gift.

However, the other numbers are encouraging; over the last 2 weeks, a total of 1593 persons saw our Facebook posts about JASPER and JASON. Plus, there was also a handful views on our blog.

So there were many who did see our boys’ stories and we will just keep on praying that somehow (with God’s leading) their forever families will see them and step forward for them.

Now onto who gets which gift.

Marine Rose receives the Brown Pearl Necklace.

Deanna Galgano receives the White Pearl Bracelet.

Angelia Nachtwey Squires receives the Dark Grey Pearl Earrings.

Thank you all once again for all your love and efforts for JASPER and JASON.

Recipients will be contacted for their mailing address via email or FB message.

Even though this giveaway has ended, please do continue to share their stories and pray for JASPER and JASON.

Thank you all for loving our precious boys!


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