Ended – Mother’s Precious Pearl Giveaway…

Our Mother’s Precious Pearls Giveaway has ended!

We have had only 7 people, whom we know of, who shared and/or gave towards JASPER‘s and JASON‘s adoption grants. Out of those 7, only 3 have commented to take part in the giveaway. We raised a total of US$24.30 for both boys.

Even though that number seems small, i’m still happy we ran the giveaway. i’m aware that there is very likely lots of other shares which we were not able to see – i’m not sure why – maybe just the way Facebook is set up. And i know people who shared but did not want a thank you gift.

However, the other numbers are encouraging; over the last 2 weeks, a total of 1593 persons saw our Facebook posts about JASPER and JASON. Plus, there was also a handful views on our blog.

So there were many who did see our boys’ stories and we will just keep on praying that somehow (with God’s leading) their forever families will see them and step forward for them.

Now onto who gets which gift.

Marine Rose receives the Brown Pearl Necklace.

Deanna Galgano receives the White Pearl Bracelet.

Angelia Nachtwey Squires receives the Dark Grey Pearl Earrings.

Thank you all once again for all your love and efforts for JASPER and JASON.

Recipients will be contacted for their mailing address via email or FB message.

Even though this giveaway has ended, please do continue to share their stories and pray for JASPER and JASON.

Thank you all for loving our precious boys!


Mother’s Precious Pearls Giveaway…

Do you know what are a mother’s pearls? Sure, some mums do own strings of lovely pearls. But what are a mother’s true and most precious pearls?

They are her children! Born of her, loved by her, nourished by her and who will always take that important place in her heart of hearts.

JASPER and JASON – whom we pray for daily and we advocate for – they were their mother’s precious pearls, once. But due to circumstances, and for reasons we will never know, they were given up.

Now we are advocating for them, praying and hoping for a new mother to claim them as her precious pearls. Will you help us? Will you join us in SHARING their stories with as many as we can?

Because of their special needs (click on their names to read more), and the unlikelihood of being fully accepted into the society they have been born into, their hope for a forever family lies outside their home country. This means an expensive international adoption. Will you help GROW their adoption grants so their forever families will have less of a burden in reaching them?

This Mother’s Pearls Giveaway is one of the ways we would hope would help these boys find their family. And as a thank you for all your efforts to help these precious boys, we have some gifts for you – 15 in total, and you get to choose which one you would like to have.

Here are our thank you gifts:


Brown Pearl Bracelet – a lovely dark brown-coloured string of 26 artificial pearls on an elastic string. Measures about 6.5 diameter. (2 available)


Peach Pearl Bracelet – a pretty peach-coloured string of 26 artificial pearls on an elastic string. Measures about 6.5 diameter. (2 available)


White Pearl Bracelet – a classic white-coloured string of 26 artificial pearls on an elastic string. Measures about 6.5 diameter. (4 available)


Bronze Pearl Earrings – a nice pair of bronze-coloured artificial pearl earrings, each pearl measures about 0.9cm diameter. (2 available)


Cream Pearl Earrings – a sweet pair of cream-coloured artificial pearl earrings, each pearl measures about 0.9cm diameter. (2 available)


Dark Gray Pearl Earrings – a sweet pair of dark gray-coloured artificial pearl earrings, each pearl measures about 0.9cm diameter. (Only 1 available)


White Pearl Earrings – an elegant pair of white-coloured artificial pearl earrings, each pearl measures about 0.9cm diameter. (2 available)


Brown Pearl Necklace – a classy brown-coloured cultured freshwater pearl mounted on a rhodium-plated brass loop, strung on soft brown leather with a snap clasp at the back. About 45cm long can be shorten to 42cm.

Here’s how to take part in this giveaway:

  • Simply sharing this giveaway/this post or our FB album will get you a Free Entry.
  • Give to Jasper‘s adoption grant here. Or give to Jason‘s adoption grant here. You can choose which child to give to.
    • US$5 = 1 entry
    • US$10 = 3 entries
    • US$15 = 5 entries
    • US$20 = 7 entries
    • US$25 = 9 entries
    • US$35 = 13 entries
    • US$50 = 19 entries
    • US$100 = 39 entries

Once you have made your contribution to Jasper‘s grant or Jason‘s grant, please comment below with your Name, Email, Amount given to Name of Child and which Gift you would like to apply your entries to (you can apply different number of entries to different items). You can also email me at sandra_chia(at)hotmail(dot)com if you wish to. Remember i don’t know you want to be entered into this giveaway unless you comment or email me.

15 recipients will be chosen via a random number generator on the 15th May, Thursday, 10pm Central Europe Time (1pm US Pacific Time).

Please note that you do NOT need a Paypal account to give to Jasper‘s grant or Jason’s grant, all you need is a credit card. When you click on Donate on their profile pages, you will be taken to a Paypal page but you can use the Continue link on the left of the Paypal login box. You can also send a check to Reece’s Rainbow (Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885) and write on the back that it is for Jasper (jasper-2) or Jason (jason-3).

Please do help us spread the word about Jasper‘s story and Jason‘s story and this giveaway. Remember you get a free entry whenever you share. But you have to comment here or on our FB page, with your name and email, to let me know to include you in the giveaway.

Do pray along with us for this awareness-building and fundraising efforts and more importantly, pray forJasper  and Jason. Pray also that their forever families will step forward for them asap.

Thank you very much.