I Did It! …

i was going to scan my actual certificate but came across this Lego Graduation Cap and Diploma which is so very appropriate to my course of study as well as topic of my post. Please click on picture to visit the website of the creator of this wearable Lego Graduation Cap and Diploma. He has lots of interesting Lego creations!

Yes i did – i finished the first module of a certificate course in childcare in German! Now i can go find work in a playgroup. Well, actually i have to go find myself an internship position so i can do the second module. BUT i DID IT!

It has taken me 10 months. However, it was a fun-filled and knowledge-gaining 10 months! i so loved being back in the classroom, even if it is only one Saturday a month. It was difficult at times to understand some parts (this is where re-reading the notes with a dictionary when i’m home helps) and of course i didn’t express myself quite as clearly as i would have liked to (but i think i did get the points across).

i also enjoyed the company of women from many different nationalities, most of whom have been here for quite some time already. They are all so nice and it has been wonderful getting to know them. They make a really supportive and relaxing group to study with. And it looks like we will all be going onto the same second module class šŸ™‚

This course is specially setup for women with foreign background in Switzerland. They have intentionally created the syllabus with non-German speakers in mind and taken into account our differences in cultural references. Our state (Kantonal) government have been very supportive and sponsored about 80% of the course fees and will also do so for the second module as long as we can prove we are residents of this state (Solothurn).

So if you or any ladies you know are living in Switzerland and are interested in this course, here’s the link to the Eltern Schule Anders website. They have courses in several different places. (The government sponsorship is only for our state and residents of our state i think).

Looking forward to the second module!


3 Replies to “I Did It! …”

  1. I think it’s great that you are doing this! Am also thrilled that the canton recognizes the importance of having play-group leaders and childcare workers that reflect the diversity of residents.


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