Talking About Ideas…

Idea (Photo credit: marlenekzio)

As i am on my holiday, i thought i would share you with yet another writing article which i had enjoyed reading.

The stuff that IDEAS are made of « Short of Stories.

i would like to add to the second point made in that article:

2. Harvesting in the real world…

i love this way of getting ideas – be it for a story or a play. The one way of harvesting in the real world i enjoy most is people-watching. i like sitting somewhere (on a bus/train, at a cafe/restaurant, at a park/playground etc…) and watch people go by. i watch their actions, observe the way they dress and carry themselves, notice their little quirks as they interact with others around them. i imagine what their lives might be like; who they are, why they are there, what has made them react that way and suddenly you have a story 😉

Of course, sometimes it is not very interesting, others times it is hilarious!

So give it a try!

Oh, do remember to have some way of taking notes. There have been times when i see an interesting character and dream up a fascinating story but have no way to record it, then i find i have forgotten most of it by the time i get to some paper and a pen.


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