Disability Does Not Mean Inability…

If you look up the word ‘disability’ on dictionary.com (i did), you will find an interesting entry under Synonyms:

…disability is some disqualifying deprivation or loss of power, physical or other:…  Inability is a lack of ability, usually because of an inherent lack of talent, power…

Disqualifying deprivation,  loss of power, a lack of ability, inherent lack of talent… such sad words… i would contest lumping ‘disability’ together with ‘inability’!

To me, ‘disability’ simply means one aspect or a few aspects of a person’s many abilities is not complete or is not functioning to its fully extend. ‘Inability’, on the other hand, to me, means the person is completely unable to or even unwilling (frozen by fear?)to try to do whatever it is the ‘ability’ refers to.

In the light of that view, would you please see Oberon and see his ABILITIES!

6.5 years old and needing a family to help him along in life.

He is able to walk, run.. He can play with toys, is sociable and helpful. He is cheerful and lively. He is sweet and peaceful. He sounds just like a normal little boy.

Well, he does have one disability – he is profoundly deaf. He can not hear human speech. He may be able to hear loud sounds but human speech has never reached his ears. He has what is called stage 4 deafness.

But does this mean he doesn’t have the ability to live life to its fullest? Does this mean he can’t learn or eventually have a job? Does this mean he has no future?

At the moment, where he is, no future is looking to be a real possibility. He lives in a country which does not have good support for people such as him. He is not valued by the society he lives in. Therefore he has to live in an institute.

But deaf people can succeed in life when given the right form of education and given the opportunity to learn and shine! i know – i have seen it happen.

So please look pass his disability and see his ABILITIES!

Can you imagine Oberon in your home? Being part of your family? If yes, please contact Reece’s Rainbow to find out more about the adoption process.

Even if you are not ready to adopt, you can still help the world know about Oberon and his abilities. You can use social media and share his story with everyone you know so that his forever family might be found.

You can also pray for Oberon, pray for his daily need, pray that his forever family steps up for him real soon.

You can also help to grow Oberon‘s adoption grant, which at the moment is very small. As the society he lives in can not and is not ready to accept and support him, his chances for an education and a full life lay across the seas in a country which can and will. So this means international adoption, a ridiculously expensive adoption process. So please help ease his forever family’s way to him. Give whatever you feel led to give. Click on his name or picture to go to his profile page to donate.

Here’s another blog post about Oberon.

Thank you.


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