Heart Issues…

Do you have heart issues? i have heart issues, both physical and psychological. If you have been following my blog for a couple of months, you would have read about my medical heart issues – i have a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), a hole-in-my-heart.

But i also suffer from the other type of heart issues – heartaches, emotionally confusions, frustrations, sadness, sense of lost and much more, just like any other person who lives on this earth. Some of us have more emotional baggage to handle than others, but all of us do have some.

Again, if you have been following my blog, you will realise that my heart aches for orphans, in particular, special needs orphans and every Tuesday i join a small group of advocates who write about specific children, hoping to give them more exposure, praying that this small effort would bring them closer to be found by their forever family.

Does this effort have any effect at all? i’m not sure, but i hope and pray that it does. What i do know is that i can not sit and do nothing when i know there are precious children languishing without a family to love them, just as they are. So i do what little i can, if not, my heart would truly break.

So let me introduce you to a pair of siblings who have heart issues. Meet Mason and Madison.

Such a sweet face, waiting to be loved upon.
Oh my, do you see that cute little spirit within him?

They both have cardiac issues, mitral valve prolapse of 1 stage. Mason (the younger of the pair) also has supplemental oblique cord of the left ventricle and scoliosis. Madison has a humpback.

We don’t know much more about them, except that they are both in the same orphanage (at least they have each other) and they have to be adopted together.

What we do know is that they have spent way too many years in an orphanage, so long in fact, Madison will be aging of the system in a few months (Sept 2013). i also see the kindness in Madison‘s eyes and that cheeky side of Mason still shining through despite years of institution living.

Are you their family? Do you see this pair a part of your household? If you think so, please contact Reece’s Rainbow for more details.

Even if you don’t feel led to adopt, you can still help them. You can share their story so that through your sharing, somehow, their forever family would see them and come for them.

You can also help to grow their adoption grant so that when their family does come for them, it will be a quicker process and funding would be less of an obstacle. Please click on their name or picture to donate.

You can pray for them, pray for their daily needs and for their forever family to come for them.

Thank you.


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