… that’s this month’s focus for Teamwork Tuesday.

My brother and i are a whole twelve years apart and as you can imagine, we are as different as two people can be and YET – we are also very alike in so many ways. We like the same films, love animation and other media-related stuff, we share a similar sense of humour but he loves the cold weather while i prefer the warmth of the sunshine, he eats spicy foods while i stay away from the chillies, i love to read and he prefers to watch a story unfold on a screen.

Cute little Ginger needs a mummy and daddy to help her through life.

i suspect Ginger and Jamie are also very much like us in their sibling relationship. Ginger is described as a spitfire and Jamie is described as the helper. They both love to have the attention of loving adults. BUT that is where their similarities with us end.

You see, Ginger and Jamie are orphans with special needs who live in a country which can not, and whose society finds it hard, to accept and support them. So they are put into remote orphanages, hidden away and they are moved to adult mental institutions at the age of 5 (some are fortunate and get to stay a little longer in their orphanages).

Ginger and Jamie are twins and share a few medical conditions such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), myopia, organic affection of the central nervous, vision issues and mental retardation. Ginger also has nanism of somatic genesis. Jamie has congenital hypotheriosis.

Sweet Jamie needs a family to support him through life.

All these medical terms may sound daunting but they are all treatable and manageable. They just need more care and attention than a child without these conditions. But that doesn’t mean they can’t fit into a family, in fact, i submit that they would fit perfectly into because they are said to be very social and friendly and would thrive with lots of love, structure, and attention.

They deserve, just like any child, to have a family love and support them, help them to navigate life and make the most of it. Are you that family? If you think so, if you feel that tug on your heart, then please contact Reece’s Rainbow for more information.

However, you don’t have to adopt them to help them. You can pray for them. Pray that their daily needs are met and most importantly, pray that their forever family steps forward for them.

You can also share their story so that forever family would find them.

And by giving towards their adoption grant, you can further help that forever family reach them faster as everyone knows adoption, international adoption is a ridiculously expensive affair. The faster a family can get them home, the less permanent damage from institutional life they will suffer. Please click on their names or pictures to go to their profile page to donate.

Thank you.


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