Casey Needs A Family NOW!

There will no illustrative story or opening paragraph today. Because i feel it would steal from Casey the attention he so richly deserves and so badly needs NOW!

Why NOW? Because dear Casey has only a month to find a family; that’s right, in about 4 weeks he will lose the opportunity to have a loving family, in a little over 30 days (we don’t know the exact date) he will be faced with life in an adult mental institution for the rest of his life. These places are not the institutions we may think of in the comforts of developed Western society. These are places where there isn’t enough to eat, everything is shared and you do nothing all day long except stare or roam around (if you can walk) aimlessly!

Casey is now 15 years old and in a month’s time he will be 16 years old. Take a look at him. Does he look 15 to you?

His life has been so hard but still he smiles…

Why isn’t he the “right” size for a 15-year-old? A small part has to do with his CP, but mostly it is because he is very malnourished and has had no therapy at all. His mental delays are likely the result of years and years of living in the orphanage, being bedridden with little to no interaction with anyone.

Today on Teamwork Tuesday we are shouting out this precious boy to be seen! To be SEEN by his Forever Family! So that they will come and get him and bring him home and love him and care for him as he should have been all these 15 long years.

Are you Casey‘s family? If you feel a tugging at your heart, please read here for details on the adoption program and contact Reece’s Rainbow to know more.

You don’t have to be Casey‘s family to help. You can help greatly by sharing his story with everyone you know. You never know, maybe someone you know is his forever family.

You can pray daily for Casey, pray that the Lord send him a caring family as soon as possible (remember he ages out of the adoption system in just a month!). You can also pray for his daily needs to be met, for him not to lose that wonderful sparkle in his eyes.

Helping his adoption grant to grow is another way you can help. Casey‘s opportunity for a family lies outside his home country (although there are some who would adopt there but it is still a rarity, plus Casey‘s medical conditions and age are counted against him). International adoptions are ridiculously expensive. So please click on his name or picture to contribute. Your contribution would enable his forever family to move faster to reach him.

Right now, a generous donor has offered Casey a matching grant of US$250. Which means when his adoption grant reaches US$3838, this donor will add US$250 to his adoption grant making it US$4088. You can help to meet this goal by Thursday, 2 May 2013, EST 7pm.

Last but not least, i leave you with this wonderful video of Casey which was made by people who really care for him and want him to have a family to call his own.

Here are links to other who have blogged about Casey: (i’ll put more up as they come in)

Thank you.


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