7000 Miles for 2 Boys Giveaway…

We are running another giveaway! This time to help bring Jack and Jensen home.

banner_jjIf you have been following my ‘All from Asia’ posts, you would be familiar with Jack and Jensen who are being adopted by Jon and Angela. i have done an interview with them here (this was before they added Jensen).

They are in a big race against time! They have to get Jack home as fast as they possibly can so that he can receive treatment for the possible cancerous spots on his currently unprotected skin. They added Jensen to their family just a few weeks ago and are also racing to bring him home before he ages out in August. They have to get there before his birthday. Their paperwork on the US side is all done and now their dossier is on its way to the boys’ country, which means they are just a few weeks away from receiving a travel date and then they literally have to hop on a plane and go.

NOW… the funding looks to be the only thing that could delay their going to get these boys home. They need about US$30,000 more because they have almost double the fees with adopting 2. They have worked so very very hard and have had little success with fundraising but they are not giving up. They will continue to work to get every cent they need.

This is your chance to help them. Take part in this wonderful giveaway! Help them to cross the ocean to bring their boys home. Here’s how:

  • You will be gifted a spot in the giveaway of 21 fabulous giveaway items in gratitude for your support and help in helping to bring Jack and Jensen home.
  • There will be 3 drawings.
  • In each drawing, 7 items (out of the possible 21) will be chosen by a random number generator. These will be announced 24 hours before the drawing of recipients is done.
  • For every US$10 you give in support of Jack and Jensen, you will be gifted a spot in the drawing. Once a drawing is completed, all names for that drawing will be voided.
  • Each drawing will occur when $250 is raised or 5 days have passed from the start of the drawing.
  • To take part, you will need to contribute towards Angela and Jon’s FSP (Jack and Jensen’s adoption grant) ( http://reecesrainbow.org/49527/sponsorjack ) and send a copy of your receipt to sandra_chia@hotmail.com to have your contribution recorded for that particular drawing. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO DO!
  • Prizes will be mailed to the winners within 3-5 days of the end of each drawing once the winner’s address is received by Sandra.
  • All results are final.

Simple, right?

There is also another way to show your support and help bring Jack and Jensen home. You can share this post with everyone you know so that more people can help. As we all know, many hands make light work. Plus, every share gets you a chance at one of the 21 fabulous gifts. Please comment below with where and when you have shared (FB, Blog, Twitter etc) along with your email to get your share recorded for a drawing.

Here’s the list of gifts:

  • 12 amazing bracelets, some gold-toned, some silver-toned, all beautifully decorated with clear crystals and diamelles. Others are ornate with colourful beads and still others are simple and elegant.
  • 1 “Sentimental One Kiss” by Cindy Crawford diamond pendant on a silver chain.
  • Heavy, gold tone pin with amber colored crystal
  • 1 Visa Gift Card worth US$100
  • 1 Visa Gift Card worth US$50
  • 1 Amazon Gift Card worth US$50
  • 2 Restaurant Gift Cards worth US$100 each
  • 1 Pair of Handmade Kanzashi Flower Hairclips
  • 1 Everyone is Someone T-shirt from Storenvy.com

See photos here. Do Like our Facebook page so that you are kept informed of the different drawings and the gifts for that particular drawing.

If you do some simple maths, you will realise that we are only taking 25 US$10 contributions per drawing, which is for 7 items. Which means you have about a 25% (including share chances) chance of walking away with a Thank-You gift and what wonderful gifts they are!

So join us in helping Jon and Angela to bring Jack and Jensen home. And you could walk away with a lovely gift.

Please do remember to share this giveaway with all you know.

Thank you very much.


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