7000 Miles for 2 Boys – Names for Draw #3 …

i was going to work on a post to announce Draw #3 today because i always announce the draw on Facebook first then on my blog. BUT i woke up this morning to almost all the 25 spots taken and then within 30 minutes, ALL the spots were taken. So Draw#3 only lasted 2 days! Thank you to all our very generous contributors and supporters. 😀

So here’s the how we did the draw:

7000miles_draw3Names_20130427Here’s the list of recipients of the giveaway items (14 items in Draw#3 because it was the final draw):

  • Christina Scott
  • Joyce Hill
  • Carol Wise
  • Lee Ann Hudson
  • Darla Messenger
  • Quinton Miller
  • Carol Miller
  • April Ryder
  • Mary Beth Thompson
  • Brian Miller

A few of the above people have won more than one item.

From the very start of the giveaway on April 16th, till today, Jack and Jensen’s adoption grant grew by US$1502.71. Praise the Lord! But only US$395 of those funds were registered as part of this fundraiser.

Once again, thank you one and all for all your support and love shown to Jack and Jensen.


We are not quite done yet! They still need about another US$19000 to be fully funded.

i know i said that the above was the last draw but we have a SURPRISE Giveaway!

i’ll reveal all tomorrow, Sunday, April 28th, EST 5pm (Swiss Time 11pm) – SO Stay Tuned!


7000 Miles for 2 Boys… Names for Draw #2…

We are happy to announce that from the start of Draw #2 till today, Jon & Angela’s FSP has grown US$206, which takes them that much closer to being fully funded and bringing Jack & Jensen home.

We would like to Thank Every Contributor for their kind and generous contributions!

However, many of these contributors have not registered for this particular giveway so as such we only have 3 names (including “share” spots) for the 7 items in Draw #2.

So i have decided to let the contributors choose their thank you items.

Beth Baird –  (i will update with her chosen item when i receive a reply from her)
Deb Wielhouwer –  (i will update with her chosen item when i receive a reply from her)
Marine Rose –  (i will update with her chosen item when i receive a reply from her)

Thank You Ladies!

NOW Draw #3 – our FINAL Draw starts tomorrow, Friday, 26th April, EST 8am (Swiss time 2pm)! So join in as we have lots more lovely items to give away! Remember there are 25 spots to fill and this time every spot is given for every US$5!

Also do remember that every share is awarded a spot in our giveaway too. So comment below with when and where you have shared to register your spot.

If you are new to this giveaway, please read here to see how it works or visit our Facebook page.


7000 Miles for 2 Boys – Draw #2…

The 7 items for Draw #2 is revealed! 

Here’s how we decided which items were in Draw #2:


You now have less than 24 hours to take part in Draw #2… see here for participation details or go to our Facebook page.

Remember every share will also allow you to be gifted a spot in this giveaway. So share away.

Thank you.