Should Not Matter Less…

i posted this on my Facebook just yesterday.
i posted this on my Facebook just yesterday.

i sometimes tell my son, “It’s OK. It does not matter.”. Do you say that phrase “does not matter” very often? What are you referring to? Quite often, i’m referring to an incident or maybe some spilled water or some mark on his shirt.

Have you heard “does not matter” being used to refer to people? Or maybe not those exact words but you sensed in the attitude and behaviour of people that someone mattered less? That someone’s opinion or action was not given the attention it should have? Is that OK?

What if “does not matter” was used to refer to people not because of what they said or did but they were referred to as mattering less just because they are who they are? What if “does not matter” was a label given to children who were born less than perfect? Is that really OK to say to a child, “You do not matter because you have such and such a medical condition.”?

NO! It is NOT OK. Every person matters. Especially children, who need to know that there are people they can depend on to always be on their side, people who will love them simply because they are who they are, special needs or not.

Today you can help show 2 sweet children, who have been left in orphanages likely because of their special needs, that they do matter, the same as you and i matter.

Meet Brody and his brother Auggie.

This is Brody! Love those blue eyes.
This is Auggie. Such a cutie.

They are brothers by birth but they now live in separate orphanages and do not see each other at all. They both have mental delays and Brody is said to exhibit signs of autism. Auggie has partial atrophy of eye nerves, cerebral palsy and episyndrome. BUT have you noticed something else? They have smiles which would turn winter into summer instantly. They seem to have responded to some therapy so there is much hope that they will be able to thrive in a loving family environment.

Are you that loving family? If you feel the call to make them part of your family, please do contact Reece’s Rainbow for more information.

Not everyone is called to adopt but you can still show that these boys matter. You can share their story with everyone you know so that their family can be found. It could be a matter of you tell someone who tells someone else who just might be their family.

You can pray for them; pray for their daily needs, pray for their forever family to step forward as soon as possible.

You can also contribute to their adoption grant so that their forever family might have an easier journey to bring them home. Click on their names or pictures to go to their profile page and donate.

Please show that these Brody and Auggie do indeed matter, just like you and i or your own children or family members matter.

Thank you.


Here are 2 more posts about Brody and Auggie: Swissmaman and SavingHisSparrows.

4 Replies to “Should Not Matter Less…”

  1. What cute boys. I always love to see the orphans you find and pray for. This was a great thought today…that everyone matters. Soooo true! We are all God’s children. It is sad that some have such a rough start in life though. It’s hard to help everyone, but even our small efforts matter. If everyone did something (no matter how small), great things happen.


  2. Sandra,
    Seems as though God keeps causing our paths to cross in this big, wonderful world of orphan advocacy… I spent six months with “Brody” in 2010 and am madly in love with this little boy. If anyone wants to read more about him, you can do so on my blog here:
    He is such a precious little boy and the family that says yes to him will be so blessed by him!


    1. Andrea, Thanks so much for the link! It would be most helpful for anyone looking for more info! Yes indeed our paths have kept crossing, hopefully even more in the future 🙂


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