The Results Are In…

The Forty to Forever Campaign has finished and the results are in! We raised US$10,000 for all our families and children. Please head over there to see if you have won.
We would like to Thank Everyone who took part, whether in giving, praying or sharing… it was a wonderful Lent journey with you.

Forty Days to Forever

***Please take our quick survey and let us know how we can improve for next year.  Thank you!***

So sorry it has taken me so long!  We have had some family emergencies and medical issues this week.  (Glad they waited until after the campaign!)  But it has kept me from posting our FINAL results!!  I have been so excited not only to draw winners for the giveaway, but also to tell you the amazing results of all our hard work fundraising.  It was a great year and I am so glad that all of you took part in it.  Thank you so much to everyone who prayed, participated and donated to make this a success!

We raised $10,000 for our children, families and for Reece’s Rainbow!  Not only that, but one precious little boy found his family because of our campaign!  Praising God for His great blessing on this journey…

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Day 40: Justin Needs A Family… Forty to Forever…

Today is Day 40 at Forty to Forever, our Last Day, and we pull together for Justin who has Down Syndrome and a list of heart conditions BUT… he is so much more; he is a boy needing a mummy and a daddy to love him and give him the care he needs. Please help him find them and help grow his adoption grant so that when they do find him, they will be able to get to him really quickly.
Today’s Lent Devotion speaks of the glorious victory Christ has won – He has risen! And we rejoice and feast! So enjoy! syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $400 for Justin… $317 to go! 

Justin-Dec-2012-271x300Today is another bittersweet day as we bring our forty day long journey to an end.  There were so many Russian orphans on our fundraiser that we had no choice but to cut off our donations from, if not for our prayers and our hearts.  This little boy is one that the advocates for the Russian babies we had to let go, chose as a recipient in their place.  Justin is our very last child this year.  Isn’t he absolutely gorgeous?  He is one of the most handsome baby boys I have ever seen!

We don’t know a lot about Justin, but we do know a few things.  He was born in June of 2011.  Justin has Down syndrome, and congenital heart disease;  he is said to have a double discharge of the great vessels from right ventricle, with stenosis of pulmonary artery…

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Day 38: Marci Needs A Family… Forty to Forever…

Today at Forty to Forever, we are fundraising for a cutie named Marci. She is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome. Although her country has a straight forward adoption program, she has been overlooked. Please help her by sharing her story and by growing her adoption grant so her forever family can reach her sooner.
Today’s Lent Devotion looks at the significance of the Last Supper and how it is Christ’s sacrifice made tangible… have a read, think about it and praise God! syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $400 for Marci… $198 to go! 

MarciMeet Marci! She is just over two years old and has recently learned to stand up on her own! Isn’t she the cutest thing? That soft baby hair and chubby little arms are too adorable! At some point in the last year Dana and his wife Kathy were introduced to Reece’s Rainbow and the special needs adoption community. They spent a great deal of time reading the information on Reece’s Rainbow and learning about the way the children featured on the site live. They both felt a tug at their heartstrings and began to advocate for these children through prayer and the Angel Tree program.

After seeing a great deal in the news about children and programs in Eastern Europe they began to investigate the needs and process for that area. As Kathy said: “The conditions described there weighed on our hearts and minds and we…

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