The Voice of an Eleventh Grader…

That’s right… a school kid wrote something which has touched my heart… she may still be in school but her heart is way way bigger already. Her name is Ann Louise Pass.

She wrote about international adoption and domestic adoption (specifically American domestic adoption) and she is coming from the point of view of a bio-child whose parents have adopted internationally.

The one line which grabbed me is the sentence in bold:

Since her adoption, my sister has traded her Chinese culture for American, but she has not suffered any deprivation. On the contrary, she is blessed. What matters most to her is not her birthplace, but that she has been cared for by a loving family and given the opportunities to have a better life than she could have had before.

Such loving eyes! He needs a mummy and daddy to love him.

And that is what i wish for for Kurt today; that he can have a loving family and have the opportunities he will never have if he stays in his home country, simply because of his slight disability.

Kurt is described as a delightful child with very mild CP and he can walk on his own. We don’t know more at the moment but i see such a depth of love in those big brown eyes of his. His country allows for large families and older parents to adopt. He has a wonderful advocate over at Sleeping Under God’s Wings. Read what she says about him there.

Is Kurt the son you are missing from your family? If so, please do contact Reece’s Rainbow for more information.

Would you help Kurt find his forever family by sharing his story and praying for him?

He has a very small grant at the moment and a larger adoption grant would help his forever family along on their journey to him. So do consider helping to grow his grant. Click on his name or picture to go to his profile page and donate.

Thank you.


PS: you can read the whole of Ann Louise’s article here.

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