Day 12: Aiden for the Killen Family… Forty to Forever…

Today at Forty to Forever we are working to help the Killen family bring sweet Aiden home! Aiden needs to come home and learn that there are people in this world who truly love him, just as he is and the Killen family truly does love him, just as he is; even before he is home, they love him already. Please help them reach Aiden by contributing to their adoption funds.
Today’s Lent devotion is one of my favourite yet… it’s all about looking for God… or more like, NOT looking for God… because God is right there, right where He has placed us in our lives… right here with me as i type this, right there with you as you read this… my favourite line from today’s devotion… “God has prepared these things for you to do, and that in itself makes it a holy and good thing. God is here with you, in the works He has given you… (regardless of how small an impact you might think your work has…)”… syc

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Aiden and Lina… $354 to go!

AidenHello! We are Katherine and Asa Killen. We have been married for six years and have two gorgeous little girls ( Zoe, 4 and Piper, 19 months). God has blessed us beyond belief. I feel so incredibly honored to have married my best friend and to have been given our two precious little angels. Now, I am not the best writer so you will have to bear with me as I share our story. I will try to speak as candidly as possible in the hopes of conveying the pure emotion and Godly platform in which this adoption has come to be.

This past summer I felt God laying adoption on my heart. It was like a persistent knocking and a need that I couldn’t describe, not even to my husband. I ignored the knocking; thinking, “No…

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