Day 5: Nathaniel for the Baird Family… Forty to Forever…

The 5th Day of the Forty to Forever Lent Journey… today is for a dear family i have highlighted on our All From Asia posts… do drop by Forty to Forever TODAY and read more about the Baird Family and precious Nathaniel whom they are working to bring home. They are very very close to travelling and need funds for in-country expenses and flights and medical exams… so do help them meet these needs and you can be a SuperHero for Nathaniel!
Today’s devotion speaks of the words we speak and how it affects our hearts and thoughts. Have you ever given thought to how your speech affects your thinking? Think about it. syc.

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Nathaniel and Lina… $104 to go!

NathanielWe can show only a picture of Nathaniel’s eyes for privacy reasons.

Beth always thought she would adopt or be a foster mom. She has worked full time as a special education teacher for 26 years. After participating in a Buddy Walk with Cate’s Crusaders, Beth visited the Reece’s Rainbow table and grabbed a brochure. After the first visit to the site, Beth knew what she was supposed to do. After researching the requirements for different countries and pouring over so many pictures, the time came to discuss the possibility with her then 15 year old daughter Taylor. Taylor was onboard immediately. A picture of a little boy with a progressive neuromuscular disease drew Beth in. He was the one. He was her son. You see Beth has been a volunteer camp counselor since 1980 for one week each summer for kids with Muscular…

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