Catch Up and Give(away) Day!… Forty to Forever

More ways to help 40 precious orphans, plus as a thank you, you get entries for a giveaway prize you can not get anywhere else… so hop over to Forty to Forever and join in the fun! syc

Forty Days to Forever

For those of you who have been following along, our goal is to raise $400 for each child.  We have only met that goal for six children so far!  I know it’s an ambitious one, but these children are so worth it – and God is so able to move His Church to action.  So we are being bold to ask Him to move the hearts of those who visit our site today.

We have $4,200 left to meet our fundraising goal for the fundraiser so far.  It sounds big, but again God is bigger, and when we think about it; it’s not much at all!  I know how many readers we have every day, and if each of you gave just $15.00 we would easily breeze by this goal.  Easily!  So this is my challenge for us today – do just that!  If you are already committed…

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