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This is our 3rd post focussed on families adopting from Asia. My hope is that a list like that would be shared far and wide and the families can get the support which they very much need on a rather difficult and long international adoption process. So please do read, give your support in whatever way you can; financially, in prayers and sharing this post to as many as possible.

They Are HOME!

The Wiehl Family – HOME with LULU. Praise the Lord!

The Robbins Family – HOME with WALTER. Praise the Lord!

Current Needs of Families Adopting from Asia:

The Whicker Family who is bringing Song Guo home, were on their way to the airport when a very close, immediate family member (Tana’s mother) passed away and they had to cancel their flights. It was a sad and difficult time. Now they have rescheduled their flights to leave on February 22nd to go get Song Guo. However, they are still in need of US$2360 (at time of writing). Please help them to close this gap by contributing to their adoption grant here. Please also pray that the airline will keep their word and not charged them for rescheduling their flights. You can follow their journey here. UPDATE: 28 Feb: Gotcha Day was Feb 25th and now they are finishing up paperwork in country and will be home soon. Go here to get wonderful updates of how well she is doing with her new mummy and daddy! 11th March: HOME!

The Sharp Family will likely be travelling in early March to bring Rowyn and Zekiel home. They are still needing about US$19,000. Please do pray for the funding to come in, pray for the little ones to be prepared for this life change, pray for safe travels as well as for the members of their family who have to wait anxiously at home for Rowyn’s and Zekiel’s homecoming. Their fundraisers are listed here; they have t-shirts for sale, beautiful paper-bead bracelets (made by Rowyn’s and Zekiel’s sisters-to-be) and their friend’s Etsy shop is offering them 50% of the sales from lovely necklaces/bracelets. They are running a special Heart Explosion Fundraiser from now till 18th February. Check it out here. Read the story of their family in a nutshell here. Take part in our Precious 3 Auction (runs till 21st Feb) as well as make a purchase from Angel Crafts (sandra) on RR Mall to help them raise the much-needed funds. You can read more on their blog here. You can also contribute directly to their adoption grant here. UPDATE: 18th Feb – Today is the last day of HEART EXPLOSION. Do take part! 28 Feb: Come Monday, 4 Mar, there will be a real special Buy-It-Now auction… so stay tuned! Masterpiece Quilts are giving 20% of their sales to the Sharp family when you purchase from them and state at check-out that it is for the Sharp family. Please go here to see what wonderful quilts they make! The young girl who makes these has Down Syndrome and therefore would like to help other special needs children. Do support them. 11th March: Praise the Lord! A large part of the funds have been provided. BUT they are still short some. The Buy-It-Now Auction is still ongoing! Do come over, browse and buy. Thank you. They leave on Thursday 14th March! UPDATE: 21 March – they are in country and have Rowyn. Zekiel will be with them on Monday! Praise the Lord!

The Baird Family is now waiting for travel approval to go bring Nathaniel home. Do continue to pray for a quick process and that Nathaniel’s Muscular Dystrophy remains slow-moving as they move to bring him home and get him on medication that can hopefully slow the progression of his disease. They now have a matching grant, dollar for dollar (as stated on their FSP), till they are fully funded. The matching dollars go to the Recce’s Rainbow Voice Of Hope fund. As travel is so near, they have thrown open an invitation to the Bring Little B Home Bash; attend the party by contributing to the costs of medical exams for B, or flights for B and Mama, or meals for them. Be part of their mission, be a superhero and go here to help them fill the boxes. Follow their progress on their blog. Go here to contribute directly to their adoption grant. UPDATE: 28 Feb: They have Travel Approval (TA) so the mission is a GO! They will be flying on 17 Mar, on 18 Mar Little B will be with them! They still need funds for various aspects of their travel. Please please join in the Bash and help bring Little B home! 11th March: They are leaving on Thursday, 14th March! They are still short about US$5000. Please help them meet that final amount! Remember the Bash! UPDATE: 21 March – They are in country and they have Little B!

The Hemmes Family have their dossier in China now. So they expect to travel in a couple of months to bring John home and still need funds. Do take part in their Amazing New Fundraiser… check it out here (i promise you won’t want to miss this if you live in the same area as they do). Even if you can’t take part in that fundraiser, you can still contribute directly to their adoption grant here. Follow their journey here. UPDATE: 28 Feb: they have a lovely little update about John. Please go here to read it. John needs to come home… please help them… remember their Amazing New Fundraiser. 12th March: They have LOA!! (Letter of Approval) so now they wait for a travel date! Their Amazing New Fundraiser has changed date – NOW April 12th! Maybe now you can take part? DO support them as they don’t have much time left (roughly 9 weeks!) till they have to travel.

The Gaines Family have received wonderful new videos and pictures of their little girl (remember they can’t share her name till she is officially theirs). Go here to have a look. Their dossier is in China and they expect to travel in a couple of months. Do continue to support them by buying through their Amazon Link Words. They still have some way to go in fundraising so do contribute to their adoption funds by using the donate button on their blog. UPDATE: 28 Feb: They have had some amazing donations but still need more funds. Please do help them. 11th March: Their paperwork is in the process in China! And now they are waiting for Letter of Approval (LOA) and expect to travel in July. Please help them meet their funding needs.

The Lanz Family is hoping to travel in a couple of months to bring Abigail and Jennifer home. Their fundraising efforts are listed here; the super cute crocheted animals/dolls are still available for sale here, use their Amazon Affiliate Link so they can get some funds from there, and take part in their Puzzle Fundraiser. You can also give directly to their adoption grant here. Follow their journey here. UPDATE: 18th Feb – The Lanz family has an AMAZING AUCTION going on with almost 500 items! Please browse and make a bid on items which interest you. Only till Sat, 23rd Feb, Midnight EST. 28 Feb: they are half-way in their fundraising but of course still need that second half. Please help them get there. 11th March: They have NEW Apparent  Bracelets where half the amount raise goes to help children in Haiti and half to their adoption grant. Do have a look here and buy one. They are the featured family on Owls for Orphans. These are amazingly cute! Get one and help the Lanz girls come home.

Jon and Angela have USCIS approval to adopt Jack. That’s one stage of paperwork done, now onto the next. Do continue to pray for a quick process as Jack seriously needs medical attention as he may already be suffering from cancers through unprotected exposure to UV light (his skin can not repair the damage which UV light does). They have been faced with flooding problems in their home (it is no fault of theirs, it is due to the poor grading of the street outside their home), both the city and the insurance are refusing to pay so this is more money out-of-pocket which they seriously can not afford.  Do pray that somehow there will be a good solution which will not eat into the money they saved for adopting Jack. The fundraising process is still slow but it is happening. Please continue to support their various fundraising efforts. Their Just For Coffee fundraiser is still running, click here to make a purchase. Jack’s Pals Book Fundraiser is also still running; this is a very meaningful fundraiser which allows you to leave Jack a lovely page of well-wishes, so do take part here. They are also having an 8th Birthday Bash for Jack, it runs till the end of February, please join the party here. Remember our Precious 3 Auction is on till 21st Feb, so come and make a bid for some lovely items. Give directly to their adoption grant here. Follow their journey here. UPDATE: 28 Feb: Jack’s Birthday Bash has been extended till the end of March! So please join in the party hereMasterpiece Quilts are giving 20% of their sales to Jon&Angela when you purchase from them and state at check-out that it is for the Jon&Angela adopting Jack. Please go here to see what wonderful quilts they make! The young girl who makes these has Down Syndrome and therefore would like to help other special needs children. Do support them. 11th March: MAJOR UPDATE: They are now bringing home sweet Jensen too! This means they need almost twice the amount of funds. Please help them meet this huge need. Do also pray that their paperwork moves along quickly and smoothly as they are racing the clock to get both boys home; Jack cos of his health needs, Jensen cos he will age out real soon. You can give to their adoption grant here. 12th March: TUPPERWARE fundraiser! Buy these wonderful products and Jack & Jensen get 55% (that’s higher than the normal fundraiser rate cos Darla is giving all of her commission to them)! Start shopping here! 21 March: Fun Spring Fundraiser… commission an Easter picture for Jack& Jensen. It’s easy and fun and it will help show they how much they are loved! See here for details.

The Garrick Family have I-800 Approval which puts them closer to being able to bring Lana home. They have various fundraisers ongoing. You can help them by purchasing t-shirts here, shop at Zoe Clothing and they get a percentage of the sales, shop at She Does Justice and the same happens. They also have a wonderful Puzzle Fundraiser, help build a 252 piece puzzle, see here for details. They are also on Brittany’s Hope, where half the money raised goes to help other adopting families. Contribute directly to their adoption grant here. Follow their journey here. UPDATE: 28 Feb: They currently have 2 matching grants. One from Brittany’s Hope for US$1500 and another from Anonymous Angels (AA) for US$400. So this means every dollar you give will be doubled! They need to have people contribute US$1900 to get another US$1900. So give NOW! 12th March: Zoe’s Clothing fundraiser and the AA matching grant is finished. But the rest of the fundraisers are still running so do take part!

The Evans Family is working hard to get through the paperwork needed to bring Molly (Hylah) home. The estimated amount they need to raise is about US$15,000. They are trying to raise as much of that as possible through sales of wooden name puzzles, see here for the beautiful pieces you can purchase. You can contribute directly to their adoption grant here. They have asked for prayers, specifically pray that Molly would understand why she can not be home with them right now, that they can help her to understand that paperwork takes a long time and that she be patient. Follow their journey here. UPDATE: 28 Feb: Molly has been officially placed with a lovely foster family until they can go get her. Go to their blog for details. They still need a fair amount of funds so do help where you can. 11th March: MAJOR UPDATE: They are now bringing home Meilin Eliana too! So 2 precious girls will be coming home. But this will mean that they will need more funds, roughly US$10,000 more. Please do help them meet this need. Have you seen the lovely Name Puzzles Barb makes and sells? Do have a look and buy one with your favourite person’s name! They also have an amazing adoption video up. Have a look.

The Fristoe Family is still working to bring home Feng. They have not been able to send any updates as their 2 daughters were (may still be) in hospital. So do continue to pray for them and for Feng who was scheduled to have surgery for her heart but we have had no news to date. You can follow their journey here.

The Murdoch Family is bringing home little Corina. They have just started the adoption process and need lots of prayers. They are also in the midst of setting up their FSP so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can donate to their adoption process using the Donate button on their blog. UPDATE: 28 Feb: They managed to get a little glimpse of their little Corina in a group picture. (See here.) She is so sweet! They are now waiting for their Letter of Approval (LOA). Please pray for a quick process and for little Corina to have the emotional strength for a huge change in her life. 11th March: They have a FSP page! Now you can make a tax-deductible (for US residents only) donation! There’s also a wonderful post about how Corina got her name.

NEW Family – The Pellegrino Family is bringing home “Baby Pell”. They had just brought home an adorable little boy, Anthony, just 6 months ago and God led them to this little one, 18 months old. You can see the new addition on their family picture (i love how they have already made him part of the family!). They have just finished their homestudy and have been able to use their old I-800a which saves some time. They are working really hard to raise the amount they need to give “Baby Pell” a loving home. They have the following fundraisers happening: Olive Tree Promise products – buy and they get 50%, Ordinary Hero Merchandise – they get 40% when you click on Pellegrino, Kim as the affiliate, buy adoption tees from Adoption Bug and they get 25-40%, when you buy coffee from Just Love Coffee Roasters, they get a percentage, purchase gift cards, magazines & cookie dough from here and they get up to 40% and their Adoption Sweatshirt fundraiser is still happening. They are also affiliates of Amazon and CafePress so shop through their blog! They will also host a Golf Fundraiser in July! So sign up if you are local to them. There are soooo many ways to help this family, surely one of them would work for you, yes? You can also donate directly to their adoption grant on Reece’s Rainbow here. They have a few other ways for you to contribute to their adoption on their blog, so go over and have a look and help where you can.

11 10 11 amazing families needing your help. Please read their stories and consider how you can help them, maybe give towards their adoption grant, take part in their fundraisers (there are some great ones), pray for them, share their stories so more can help them. No amount or effort is too small. And every prayer said is very welcomed.

Thank you so much for your kind attention, your efforts to help/pray/share and your generous contributions.


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