Day 2: Caroline for the Buhler Family… Forty to Forever…

Day 2 of Forty to Forever… helping the Buhler family bring Caroline home… please have a read and help if you can… do also read about Day 2 of the Lenten Journey… it’s all about LOVE…

Forty Days to Forever

Our Goal is to raise $500 for Carolina and Lina… $304 to go!

CarolinaAmmon and Michelle met while serving on active duty in the Army. Their courtship was only about 4 months and they were married in February, 2001. They had discussed adoption from the start and both agreed they would like to adopt someday, but were unsure when they would be in a position to do so. Michelle is paternally adopted and knows first hand that love does not have to come with DNA. Ammon’s family adopted one of his friends as a teenager and made him a brother. Needless to say, adoption is close to both of their hearts.

Michelle was introduced to Reece’s Rainbow several years ago, but in the last year, she found herself back there looking at all the children who need homes. Michelle began to advocate for these children via her blog and social media, but something kept stirring within both…

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