Reader’s Choice Award 2020

i have written a short story for the Summer Writing Contest hosted by The Write Practice and Short Fiction Break. i had done this contest in 2019. You can read about that here and see the 2019 list of stories here.

This year, i have chosen again, to take part in the Reader’s Choice Award as well as in the main contest. There are over 300 entries. You can see the full list of stories here. There are some great stories in there.

My story is called Mister K and is 27th from the bottom of the list. Here’s a direct link to my story. Please vote for my story if you like it. Thanks very much.

Happy Reading!


Secondary School Timetable… Simple? NOT!…

The above is NOT my boy’s new secondary (Oberstufe) timetable.

If only his was still this simple.

This is my rant for this week… the complicated timetable my boy has which involves 4 subjects on alternating weeks and 3 different ways of dividing the students into groups. Can you imagine how that works? You need a mathematical equation to keep it all straight. Hhahhaa.. 😛

A friend asked if someone had sat down and decided that they should make this as complicated as they can. My brother suggested this is their way of training the students to be organised.

What do you think?


Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars… by John Green…

This book, this story, deserves the glowing reviews it has been given.

i LOVE it! Ok, there are very few books i dislike but this is one i will remember for a long long time; this is one which when i remember it, i smile sadly and nod knowingly, in appreciation of the window which John Green has given us into a world which is sad but yet so powerful.

faultinourstars20170310Hazel is terminal. She always has been. She has accepted and has learned to live with it, trying her best to live the life she has been given as close to how she wants to as possible, or at least to the extent her parents and doctors allow her.

And when she least expected it, life throws her a curve ball in the form of Augustus Waters; a handsome, tall, in-remission boy who accompanies his friend to cancer support group. As their relationship develops, we are privileged to see how terminally ill young people deal with death and living in the knowledge of what is going to kill you.

We watch how Hazel and Augustus relate to each other, to their grieving and fearful parents, to their doctors who are trying their best to offer some sort of treatment, to their friends who are outside of this cancer bubble and to their friends within the cancer bubble.

We see how each of these people cope or not cope with the harsh reality of a terminal diagnosis, how they choose to stay and love on or choose to walk away and forget.

Their adventure to find the author of Hazel’s favourite book reveals some wonderful moments and makes you think what you would and would not do for the one you love when they are dying, what it means to love someone even if it is only for a short time. The funny moments are precious, the sad moments are poignant; i laughed, i smiled, i cried a little, i cheered and my heart was moved.

i have not told you much at all about the storyline or even about the characters involved. It is a book i think you need to explore for yourself. So go out, get it and read it.

i truly wish all young people, who are faced with such illnesses, and their loved ones, every happiness life offers them, and every comfort and peace when the time comes to let go.