If Only…

There are so many times in my life that i have started a sentence with “If only…”, often expressing regret at something i have chosen to do which had gone wrong, and more often than not, i had chosen despite the fact that i knew it would be wrong. “If only…” to me is a luxury statement; it means i have the chance, the choice to make a mistake.

But little Alexander does not have that luxury. He can’t imagine an “If only…”. He is an orphan and has very little say in what happens to him and in his life. But he needs, he deserves to have choices, he deserves a chance to live.

Alexander awaits his forever family who might help him get the medical care he needs.

You have to know something about Alexander – he has a brain tumour! The doctors in his country do not have the resources to help him, on top of that, he is an orphan and his orphanage is unlikely to be able to afford the surgeries he needs. They can do some of the surgeries he needs but not ones which will help him live a full and complete life.

BUT… if he had a loving family, a family who would be there to support him through the lengthy treatments, surgeries and recoveries, he would have a real shot at a fulfilling life; a life filled with love, a life filled with choices, even a life filled with the possibility of making a wrong decision and saying “If only…”.

Missionaries who have worked with Alexander say that he is a “very lovable kid and very smart.  He remembers people and things that they say and he is very in tune with how sick he is.  He understands and comprehends a lot for his age.  He loves to dance and get one on one attention (what kid doesn’t?)  He’s sensitive and his feelings get hurt easily… is concerned about others.  He always asks how you or someone in the group is doing.  He is very outgoing, not shy at all.  He loves to sing songs and recite poems for you, and he knows so many!… Simply put, he is a loving little boy who is such a pleasure to spend time with.

Doesn’t he sound like such a sweet child? Are you his family? Can you give him the love and support he needs to grow up into a wonderful young man? If you felt drawn to Alexander, please click on his name or picture to find out more and contact Reece’s Rainbow.

Even if you are not his forever family, you can pray for him; pray for his daily needs, pray for the treatments he may be receiving in his home country.

You can also help by sharing his story far and wide so that his forever family might find him.

Last but not least, you can donate towards his adoption grant so that his forever family’s journey to him will be much easier and faster. Please click on his name or picture to donate.

Thank you.


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