An Unlikely Blessing…

That is what a special needs child can bring to a family…

Yes, a child with special needs will indeed change your life, it will change your days and how you see the rest of your life, the child’s life and it will change your perspective in life.

Change is not a bad thing. Many fear change; they are afraid of the uncertainty, they are afraid to give up their current way of living or are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone.

Listen to how far this father has journeyed with his Down Syndrome daughter. (It’s a 15-minute video.)

ESPN airs the story of a dad who wanted to abort his Down syndrome daughter |

Now take a look at Angelina.

This little angel needs a family asap. She needs medical attention.

i know that she can be such a blessing to her family. But she doesn’t have one. She could grow up and have opportunities to show off the talents which God has given her. But where she is, she will not get the chance to do so.

She has Down Syndrome and she has been cast aside. She is 4 and is now likely in an understaffed mental institution with no facilities suitable for children. She has a heart condition and needs medical care. But she will likely not get that surgery unless a family steps forward to claim her as their own.

Please help her to get the notice she deserves. Share her story so her forever family can find her. Pray for her, for her health, for her daily needs, for her family to step forward.

She is on Reece’s Rainbow Angel Tree, which means she has an Angel Tree Warrior working to raise US$1000 or more for her this holiday season so that her family can reach her faster (The costs of international adoptions are very very high.).

Visit here and here to support her fundraisers. Here’s a link to a beautiful note written by Angelina’s Christmas Warrior. Click on her picture or name to go to her profile and find out more.

Thank you.


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