10 Things I’ve Learned From My Child {With Special Needs}

That’s the title of the blog post i read a couple of months ago and was very touched by it.

In my eyes, before i read that article, even since i was a little girl, orphans have always had a special place in my heart. i had wanted to do something for them since the day i was kept from visiting an orphanage for a school outing. My mother didn’t want me to go. Not because she didn’t want me to help the orphans or learn about them but because she knew me so well and knew that i was be so teary upon seeing them that i would not be of much help. So this desire to help orphans found a very tiny outlet; i gave whenever i could to charities that did help them.

God has led me full circle and now i advocate for special needs orphans who live in countries where resources may not allow them proper care. Even if they had proper care, it is not the same as having a family to call your own; to belong to a group of people who love you regardless of your disabilities.

But this article has turned it around and looked at what a child with special needs could bring to the life of a family.

Have a read: 10 Things I’ve Learned From My Child {With Special Needs}.

i love all 10 points but my favourites are:

2.  Flexibility – I never thought I would allow my children to watch Barney while eating dinner, but Adeline does.  She eats and is not aware of what she is putting in her mouth, it works.

3.  Patience

4.  The value of uniqueness – My children have learned that we all have areas that are weak and strong, and it is O.K.


November is little Evelyn’s birthday – won’t it be a great gift to have a family step forward and claim her for their own?

i look at little Evelyn and just know that she has so much to give to a family who would love her just as she is. She is unique; she has weakness such as a short attention span and is limited in her speech. She has FAS (Fatal Alcohol Syndrome). It will require patience to teach her to follow instructions and to help her understand being calm. But with flexibility and a bit of creativity, it can be done.

She will blossom if someone would just take the time and effort to show her how. And i know she can and will be a blessing to the forever family who brings her home. i see in her the capacity to love unconditionally and to be a blessing to the people around her.

But her situation right now doesn’t permit her the opportunity to even think of others. She is an orphan, living with dozens of other kids and given very limited attention or encouragement. She, a 7-year old little girl, needs to look out for herself for now, until someone steps up to look out for her.

Are you that someone? Are you her family? Maybe you would like to find out about that possibility. Please contact Reece’s Rainbow for more information.

Maybe you are not in a position to consider adoption. But you can still help; you can share her story so her forever family can be found. You can donate to her adoption grant so that a lack of funds does not become a reason for her not having a family. Please click on her name or picture to donate.

Last but most definitely not least, you can pray for her; pray for her daily needs and that she would soon have a family to call her own.

Thanks for your kind attention and efforts.


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